With The Jewelry Design Academy, Carolina Arcieri Is Teaching Creatives How To Create A Business From Their Artistic Passions

What is a jewel? For some, it can be a treasure. For others, a piece or accessory of clothing, and for others, it can reflect a feeling, which can be immortalized or perpetuated in the expert hands of a jeweler or goldsmith.

The Colombian-Venezuelan jewelry designer with Italian roots Carolina Arcieri, is the owner of an extraordinary gift: she is able to translate her feelings into metal. She has always had the desire to create and touch lives, which she has been doing since she registered her company and her homonymous brand Carolina Arcieri Joyas.

At the beginning, Carolina managed a chain of hairdressing salons and even though she had a successful business, she felt that something was missing. She started selling silver and gold jewelry in her beauty salons to her clients, and with time she became more and more involved in the jewelry industry to the point of selling her chain of hairdressing salons and leaving to Italy to study jewelry design.  

“After I finished my first studies in goldsmithing in Vicenza, Italy, I registered my company, Carolina Arcieri Joyas (Carolina Arcieri Jewels), in Venezuela.” Carolina says. “During my first working years, I wanted to integrate into my creations the cultures that nurtured me in my childhood and my adolescence: Italian, Colombian, and Venezuelan.”

Carolina also runs a jewelry academy called the Carolina Arcieri Jewelry Academy where she trains entrepreneurs with a vision based on global innovation in the design and manufacturing of jewelry encouraging them to transform their passion for jewelry into something bigger. The academy’s training covers operational and commercial areas.

“As a company, we are within the Fine Jewelry Business, but we provide other services such as consulting, design, and manufacturing of personalized jewelry.” Carolina states.

As a designer, Carolina is passionate and sensitive. From the first moment of creation of a piece, she looks for each piece to tell the story that comes from the heart of each client. This turns each piece into a personal, refined, unique, and unrepeatable jewel. It is this level of dedication to detail in each piece that becomes the heart of Carolina’s brand.

“Your business reflects your strengths and weaknesses. If you have a mentality of prosperity, love, kindness, resilience, humility, I believe you will enjoy your road to success much more.” Carolina says of mindset. “Opportunities come almost alone, and the right people arrive to accompany you to help you grow.”

From the very beginning, Carolina’s brand has had a soul, a high sense of social commitment, and a growing interest in listening to their customers, to transform their feelings and emotions in the metal.

We transform emotions into jewels; thus, we eternalize a meaningful moment for the people who wear them. All our communications convey our interest in truly connecti ok ng with our audience to share the magic behind each piece. The real protagonist of our brand is the customer and not the item itself.” Carolina explains.

The brand is a registered trademark in over 20 countries, and after 16 years in the world of glitter and metals, it has become a name that means quality, innovation, confidence, and design.

Carolina’s last collection was “Fusion,” which opened the doors to the idea that would become the heart of her brand. Her clients loved her work so much that they started to ask for accessories and other different pieces–this is how Carolina discovered that people wanted pieces to tell a story that goes beyond the jewel itself.

“With ‘Fusion’ I wanted to mirror how precious metals and gems come together to give life to those beautiful jewels.” Carolina adds, and says that it was with this collection that she realized she had started to “show emotions and sentiments in metal, which after some years has become the slogan of the brand.”

In the near future, Carolina will be working on her Jewelry Design Academy, which just opened doors to students in 2019. The academy provides 360 degrees knowledge, and it is an academic opportunity to create a real business from the passion of jewelry design. 

“My advice to those wanting to start their business is to take responsibility for their dreams, successes, and failures. Look at them as great teachers, and learn to flow. Sometimes the best business initiative is the one that takes longer to start, but it is not impossible to.” Carolina shares.

At this moment, Carolina is also in the process of making Carolina Arcieri a jewel design firm with franchises in different parts of the world, since they want to offer their customers a much closer experience.

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