Unleashed Your Dog’s Potential With All Dogs Unleashed, The Dog Training Facility That Offers The Same Features Of A Pet Resort, & See Immediate Improvement in Your Pet’s Behavior That Will Last a Lifetime

There’s joy in learning. Remember that excited feeling you get when you master a new skill? Dogs feel the same way. Their desire to learn something new—and to do it with you, their favorite human in the whole world—is at the heart of dog training. 

While we sometimes hear training referred to as “obedience training,” the process isn’t so much about teaching your dog to do something, as it is helping your dog to learn something. And that learning relationship starts with trust. Research shows us that dogs develop a trusting relationship with their dog parents through shared activities such as going for exploration walks, playing games and playing with toys, meeting new friends together (human and canine), and earning skills. 

Sounds interesting? That’s when All Dogs Unleashed can help! The business is a 

dog training facility that offers all the same features of a pet resort. They also began to sell license agreements so they have helped many others make a career following their same practices. They franchised in 2021 so they not only run the highest revenue producing pet resort in the nation but they are also helping others achieve the same goal!

The brains behind this profitable company are Brian Claeys and Travis Lux. They saw an opportunity to do what they love and get paid and decided to go for it! Plus, both of them were used to sales and they weren’t afraid of working really hard to become successful. 

“I called my best friend Travis who was already living in Texas and he agreed to do this with me. We both grew up having trained dogs and were excited to get started. We both have great sales skills and go over the top with how well we like to treat our customers. My parents working so hard my whole life were an inspiration and I am so blessed to be able to take this journey with my best friend!”, Brian explains.

Currently, All Dogs Unleashed is the most organized dog trainer company anyone will come across. They have amazing customer service and always deliver a 5 stars service. They provide complete dog training and behavioral services for the Dallas area.  Additionally, they offer in-home as well as board and train programs.

“Travis Lux and I have had an amazing business relationship built on honesty and trust and we did this together. We always believe in doing the next right thing and the truth will set you free! We have a really great work environment. We believe it is important to take care and treat your staff well and help them achieve their goals!  I am so happy and grateful I took this path as it is as rewarding doing the work as it is making money from it”, Brian adds.

When asked about success, he explains that, for him, it comes down to setting achievable goals and always continuing to move forward. Success is having the drive to improve your life every day, not just for you but for whomever is close to you. Success is making new relationships and helping others along the way.

“I feel successful when I feel proud of myself and my actions. When I can be true to myself and my convictions. Admitting my faults and surrounding myself with people that continue to make me a better person”, Brian details.

He also advises all people who are trying to start a new business to never stop learning and growing. As you grow, the information that you are looking for will change because every person starting their own business grows to wear different hats in their career. Do not stop learning or adapting.

Without a doubt, Briand and Travis make the training fun and easy to understand for any pet. With them as their guide, dogs can learn great skills that they can use throughout their lifetime. Skills that keep them safe and help them interact with the world in happy and healthy ways.

To find out more about All Dogs Unleashed, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram here.