Revolutionizing Income Generation: The Story of Matthew Footner and His Innovative Products.

As a financial advisor, Matthew Footner had worked in international markets including Brussels, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo. However, he quickly realized that the business that he was working in lacked transparency. Year after year, he noticed that that is what clients were really after, so after years of working hard in this business, Matthew decided he needed to make a change.

He took all of the experience that he gained working as a financial advisor and began to develop a passive income product that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology. Thus he has given life to a global business with clients on five continents, which allows him to obtain a six-figure income by working only two hours a day.

The first product is a passive income product called FX AI Income Solution, which is designed to help people earn fully passive income.

“I looked at the model and drilled down to what is the best way to give clients what they want. Transparency—transparency in fees, transparency in their portfolio Access to their cash with no fees and very limited restrictions on withdrawals. Finally, let the client have decent returns on their investments,” says Matthew.

 At work, he wondered why only 1% of the sales team consistently earned more than the rest. Discovering that everything came down to mentality, periodic review of objectives, improving his sales skills, hard work, and, above all, reading specialized books, he followed suit, becoming a member of that exclusive club and earning more than a million dollars a year.

 “Now the question was, how could I refine this to help other ambitious people reach seven figures per year using modern technology?,” Matthew wondered. 

He came up on his solution by drawing on the essence of the messages conveyed in popular self-help books and developed the application, which provides a series of more than 50 audios, including deep hypnosis audios and conscious hypnosis conversational messages, to help users develop resilience, overcome fear of failure, and stop procrastinating. The app also includes motivational videos from other high achievers.  

“Although the solutions we offer are to help clients win a totally passive income or a solution for ambitious people to exceed their income goals, I manage a client service business. Give customers what they want, and as a byproduct, I earn, and my business grows,” Matthew affirms.

Matthew had always had a hard time fitting into the typical employee mentality, feeling like he could do better than his bosses. That characteristic and his daring personality, and in particular his lack of fear of failure, led him to have a great idea and follow it. With less than $100, he started the AI business, making five figures in the first year and over $1 million in the second.

“The biggest obstacle is always “YOU.” I have challenges; I move forward; I have obstacles that seem insurmountable; I find the way. With a winning mentality, everything can be achieved. Don’t get stuck with other people questioning him. Don’t listen to those who say no. If you believe in it, do it! “You can’t swim in the ocean with one foot on the beach,” Matthew details.

In addition to his incredible background of knowledge in the business, Matthew also puts a big emphasis on mindset. For him, it is essential to have a winning mentality and be positive. This, along with knowing how to deal with stress and problems, are abilities that, like muscles, can be trained and developed.

Matthew’s plans are currently focused on his most recent companies: one dedicated to investing in luxury yachts for rent and four restaurants located in Brussels, London, Paris, and Milan using a concept from Japan. In addition, he is also beginning to venture into investment opportunities in beautiful Italian villas, ideal for both people seeking la dolce vita and the ever-growing vacation rental market in the little-discovered Italian region of Umbria, which offers a much lower cost than its famous neighbor Tuscany. 

“Fear is a state of mind. We know we are going to have challenges; sometimes we need to give ourselves time to process the challenges, but once processed, move on. Building success will not be achieved without both negative and positive tensions. So what?!” Matthew exclaims.

 For those who want to start a business, Matt recommends registering on the app to get in the right frame of mind and leave the fear behind. He reminds them that they will always have challenges and that they will need time to process them, but once processed, they must move on. Furthermore, he urges them to not fear what others say or do but to strive to maintain their integrity intact, as others and themselves will judge them. 

To find out more about what Matthew is doing in the future and keep up with his growing businesses, check out his website for FX AI here and here.