Meet Jesse Tee: The Serial Entrepreneur Motivated By Unexpected and Difficult Life Experiences

Everyone has a purpose in life, a why and a what for. It is only a matter of seeking through education and personal and professional development that each person’s purpose can become clear. Some people come to the answer through traumatic or difficult experiences.

Jesse Tee is a man who has had “a hell of a life experience.” He is originally from East Boston where he lived a difficult childhood, with his father being addicted to heroin until the last 10 years of his life. Besides this, Jesse too was involved in using and selling drugs, but when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, this changed.

“I have held death in my hands on two occasions. My daughter passed away seven days after her birth. We had to take her off life support and let her go, and I held her in my arms until she took her last breath. She fought for nearly fifteen minutes!” Jesse shares. 

Her short seven day life inspired Jesse and his wife Alicia, to create a non-profit named “Alana’s Angels.” The non-profit serves and supports those that have experienced the loss of a child from miscarriage or up to the passing of an adult child. 

“I also witnessed my mother battle ovarian cancer for eight years before succumbing to the disease. My mother was only given a year when the doctors discovered the cancer. The thing that most likely kept her going for an additional seven years was her stubbornness.” Jesse says.

All of this, along with the fact that Jesse served in the U.S. Navy seeing many places and forming beautiful friendships, drives him to this day. In 2006, he opened his first company. Since then, he has opened three more. Two were learning lessons as Jesse likes to call them  and two are extremely successful to this day. 

“My current company 46 & 2 Wealth Partners works with people on how to achieve happiness, freedom and wealth.” Jesse adds. We teach our clients the wisdom of wealth so they can experience freedom and happiness. Operating as a fiduciary allows us to truly align ourselves with our family of clients as we do not accept commissions or sell any products or services.”

In addition, Jesse is the host and creator of the Jesse Tee Show podcast, which is available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple, and is made for people who are seeking the secrets of success. 

We feature leading entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, and authors who share their knowledge and expertise on topics ranging from business, mentality, relationships, health and wellness, and spirituality. Important personalities have participated in this podcast, such as Mark Victor Hansen, one of the most sought-after speakers in the world today and author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul.’ Paul Getter, also known as ‘The Marketing Nerd.’ With over a million followers on Instagram alone. Paul has worked with many of the big names in business. He has personally worked with Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Dr. Alex Mehr, and many more.” Jesse explains.

Since he was a child, Jesse had always felt the entrepreneurial flame burning inside him. He used to buy, sell and trade comics and sportscards, and would organize carnival games for his friends to play for coins. 

“During the harsh winter months, I shoveled the sidewalks and driveways of my neighbors earning a few dollars and sometimes a cup of hot chocolate. Being a student at heart, I wanted to learn how to get rich, and during my journey, I discovered a love of finance and realized that my vocation was to counsel people where life intersects with money.” Jesse shares.

Jesse wanted to get into entrepreneurship and business because he wanted to learn how to create wealth for himself and his family. Eventually it occurred to him that this was his vocation and that advising people on how to live would become part of his life’s work.

There are nearly 400,000 financial services professionals in the United States alone. Only five percent of us are fiduciaries, which means we don’t accept commissions or sell products. There is an inherent conflict of interest between the seller and the client since you never know if the product being promoted is better for you or the person selling it. I felt called to eliminate that from my business entirely and create a beautiful handshake between 46 & 2 Wealth Partners and our family of customers.” Jesse states.

In the coming months, Jesse’s projects include working with Paul Getter to expand his company, as well as focus on growing the reach and impact of his podcasts. 

I am also focused on my spiritual journey. I have been called to work with sacred medicinal plants and passing on the teachings and downloads I receive from those powerful experiences has become part of my life’s work. In March 2021 I’ll be traveling to Peru. I will be there on a ten-day soul journey, working with Ayahuasca and San Pedro. These plants are great teachers and have the ability to change lives for those that are called to these sacred medicines.” Jesse says.

Find out more about Jesse and his projects here.