Meet Chava Gutierrez: The Couples Therapist Who Struggled With His Own Marriage and is Now Helping Others Save Theirs

Chava Gutierrez is a couples therapist with a somewhat peculiar story because unlike people who prepare themselves to work in the industry they want to work in, something else got him into therapy.

For example, a person who wants to work in the health field as a doctor must study at the university and then continue his preparation through other studies and courses. Chava’s case is different because he became a couples therapist out of necessity after he and his wife went through many conflicts during their first year of marriage.

My wife and I had many conflicts in the first year of our marriage despite having taken many premarital courses, couple coaching and investing almost $8,000$ in different therapists. Our marriage was not a good one. We had a lot of conflicts. Our fights persisted over time so I decided to be the solution that I could not find elsewhere. I started reading about couples therapy and then training myself professionally.” Chava shares.

Chava trained professionally at the Gottman Institute, and is actually the first Spaniard to go through the institute. Following his training, Chava launched an online business through which he helps couples overcome conflict.

“My online business is aimed at separating couples from separation, and we have the largest community on TikTok of couples therapy with more than 500k followers.” Chava says.

The main motivator for Chava to get started with his couples therapy online business was the desire to share the tools and resources that he wishes he would have had while he was struggling with his marriage.

“I wish I had known what I know now. What happened helped me to connect with the pain that other people and couples have, and offer the solution to me I would have liked to find before. In my case it is the Gottman method, which is a science-based therapy with 3,000 couples analyzed in more than 40 years.” Chava explains.

Now that Chava has offered his services for a while through his online business, he understands that mindset is very important when starting a new business, as it can help you face obstacles.

“The biggest challenges when starting a business are knowing how to sell sustainably, maintaining and improving the quality of the product or service. I also think it is fascinating to learn how to develop and scale a business exponentially.” Chava adds, and advises, “The sooner you start to make mistakes, the sooner you will learn from your mistakes in order to try again more effectively.”

Chava’s work is very different from that of other therapists because he can understand the different experiences of his clients since he has lived them in his own way and also because he tries to shorten the learning process of his patients. 

In the near future, Chava will focus on writing a book, working with the most recognized person in the Spanish-speaking world in the field of personal development, and being able to generate a structure that allows him to systematize his business.

Learn more about Chava Gutierrez and the services he offers here.