Meet Adam Jablin: Founder of the New Hero 30 Challenge That’s Changing Lives

Adam Jablin has found great success with his transformational life coaching and recovering mentorship programs, and is excited to share the newest iterations in The HERO 30 Challenge. The HERO 30 Challenge is a group coaching program run through Facebook. Together, Adam and his participants focus on mind, body, spirit, and well as their nutrition, emotions, and sobriety. 

“The challenge runs everyday for 30 days. If you miss a day, we go back to day one. And, best of all, I’m doing it with you!” Adam says. 

Adam was motivated to create a new program after the success of his free HERO 7 Challenge. But he realizes, however, that many people cannot afford the cost of hiring him one on one, which is possible in THE HERO PROJECTt. With this in mind, Adam and his team put together the HERO 30 Challenge for a lower cost. 

“The HERO 30 Challenge is exclusive – I’m only accepting 20 people into the program at a time. You will get me everyday for one hour on Facebook Live, and you’ll be able to be a part of an exclusive Hero Group where we can all support each other,” Adam outlines. 

With an exciting new program like this, it’s no surprise that Adam has some incredible collaborations to help support him along the way. 

Adam is collaborating with Michael Diamond–one of the biggest names in Recovery, someone who Adam states, he is very much in sync with like a brother.  

“I met Michael Diamond and within a second there was amazing alignment. Our hearts. Our vision. Ironically, he’s very close with my partner Dr. Robb Kelly, and I work closely  with his partner, David Meltzer. So, the universe waited for the right time, and timing is everything. We are both coming up on 15 years clean and sober and have dedicated our lives to helping others – we both attacked our recovery,” Adam outlines. 

They are bringing together Diamond’s Conscious Outlaw and Jablin’s Hero Project.. Adam hopes their students are inspired to follow their own path to find real freedom, a joy for living, and a confidence they need to discover comes along with a true purpose and happiness. 

“A Conscious Outlaw, a concept that Michael Diamond conceived,…lives, loves, and matters. They inspire, educate and motivate by their deeds and actions. My Hero knows there is more at stake here that just our lives, but also the lives around us,” Adam explains. 

With the successes brought on by his HERO programs, it’s surprising how Adam has time for anything else. But in fact, he’s found time to work on his book, Conversations with Dion, with his mentor and spiritual father, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer, Dion DiMucci. 

“This is a book where we bring you into the conversations we have that brought my and our lives into a higher reality. Dion’s story and wisdom is so inspiring. He truly saved my life. We wanted to share this gift of my mentor to the world. With the pandemic and epidemic of alcoholism and addictions rising…the timing couldn’t be better,” Adam says. 

Adam was inspired to write the book when he started coaching and developing The Hero Project. At this time, his mission statement was simple. He wanted to bring people into the conversations he was having with Dion to see how they aim to live in a higher reality. 

In another attempt to bring people together and in conversation, Adam has been holding sessions on Clubhouse, talking with some of the biggest names out there like Jeff Lopes, Coach David Meltzer, Brother–Michael Diamond, Steven Celi, Los Silva, Darius Mirshahzadeh, Brian Bogart, Grant Cardone, Mike Ciorrocco and more. 

Adam can be found at his website and Instagram page