Looking To Innovate The Coworking Space, Three Entrepreneurs Created The One Cowork: A Space That Inspires Creativity And Collaboration

For some years now, professionals in different areas no longer require their own offices to perform their work. Some people who look for flexibility, a professional working environment, and reasonable prices, rely on coworking spaces. In Boca Raton, the best is The One Cowork.

Coworking spaces are shared offices where freelancers and entrepreneurs meet to work, and where the managers of the space try to connect and create professional and personal opportunities for their clients. Most professionals, such as programmers, designers, online community managers, journalists, salespeople, and consultants, only need a laptop, a phone and good internet connection to carry out their work.

For The One Cowork LLC, it all started when Carmen and Todd Kenig went looking for a cool, friendly, and inspiring place to work in Boca Raton. Nothing met their expectations, but they found an alternative through their friend Sahap Scimoglu, who had a 6,800 square-foot office space available and wanted to do something interesting with the space.

We put our creative heads together and decided to create a cool, hip coworking space for people with the same vibe. What makes our business unique is that we don’t fit the normal coworking space model.” 

What differentiates a coworking space from business centers and classic shared offices is the figure of the manager, the person who works full time to help the members get to know each other better, generate a climate of trust, and the dynamics of collaboration. 

Coworking is the evolution of collaborative work. The concept emerged in San Francisco in 2005 due to the economy becoming increasingly social. People like having contact and interactions. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, people are more productive than ever and a single person is able to do the work of a company.

Today, Carmen, Todd and Sahap run The One Cowork, a coworking space and office business model located at The Sanctuary Center in Boca Raton. This space is not the typical white-walled office.

It has a great balance of workspace, boardroom meeting spaces, open areas with hot desks and comfortable lounges. In addition, we have a Podcast room equipped to seat 4 people. A small photo studio with a light tent perfect for eCommerce businesses looking to showcase their products online and a ring light for YouTube content creators, Video bloggers, or selfie lovers.”

What motivated Carmen, Todd and Sahap to create The One Cowork was the need to design a workspace that people would want to use every day for work meetings and professional development.

“We wanted to create a space to inspire the creative mindset, cultivate collaboration and spark new ways of thinking. I’m inspired by artist collaborations; this office space is a gallery of collaborations where different artists can come together and express themselves.

The One Cowork team values mindset when talking about business. They understand that to grow any business, people have to dedicate themselves 100%. They took this into account when facing several challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Adapting to the slow-paced work mentality. Having to deal with city codes and permits. Most of all, dealing with COVID 19 and getting this place built during a pandemic while everything was shut down.” 

That mentality laid the groundwork for The One Cowork’s success. Today, they set themselves apart from their competition by being the most creative coworking space in Boca Raton. 

Everything from our interior design to our small boutique feel is designed to create a better work environment. We offer inspiring spaces at affordable prices for those who are just starting out and incubating creative ideas. Our carefully selected furniture and energetic color scheme will keep you in a creative mood. Our offices are smaller and reasonably priced for people just starting out.”

The One Cowork provides a space where any business can grow. By not just providing internet service and a physical workspace, but also giving resources and tools such as a podcast and photo studio.

Find out more about The One Cowork here.