Life’s Obstacles Have Never Slowed Down Christian Cosme Who is Making Waves in More Than Three Different Career Paths. Find Out More Below.

Throughout all of the personal hardships in his life, Christian Cosme has been able to make marvelous things happen. An above the elbow amputee, he has never let this slow him down one bit and never allowed it to create pity in his life. Instead, he has focused on making big things happen.

“I Founded Cyborg Future LLC Oct 2018.  I graduated from Point University with a 4.0 GPA class of 2020. I Just Published My first book “The Professional Procrastinator 5 easy steps to a well balanced life.”I wrote a children’s book, I just need to find an illustrator. In 2022 I’m working on a book to spread awareness for upper extremity amputees and the prosthetic industry. I’m an above elbow amputee (left arm). My goal is to design and improve bionic arms. ” Christian states.

Christian’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship came from his biggest mentor in life: his dad. Much like Christian, many of us learn and follow in our parents’ footsteps when it comes to what we do in life. Christian’s dad was always pushing him and helping him foster new interests including 3D printing.

“Edwin Cosme is my hero and I would not be on the path I am on today if it wasn’t for him. Edwin encouraged me to start my own business. He is my Coach, Mentor and Father. I started working for Biothermal Validation, LLC in 2013. My first business trip I was sent to Visakhapatnam, India. I am grateful for all the opportunities my Father has provided and continues to provide to me” Christian recounts.

Christian is now not only a validation consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, he is an author, and CEO of Cyborg Future LLC offering 3D printing services and sells Fiberlogy Filament (Makers’s Choice Filament 2021)  the highest quality 3D printing raw materials! For Christian, the only competition he sees is himself as he is the only one who can limit his own success. The rest of his “competition” only pushes him to be better at what he is doing in life.

“I’ve invested in other avenues of business for example: The Road We Find Ourselves Upon, a single mastered and produced by Emery with over 34,231 all time streams on Spotify 2.1K listeners 389.9 hours of streams in 67 different Countries in 2021! The song is about my accident and asking Jesus to spare my life. Self published Author, The Professional Procrastinator 5 easy steps to a well balanced life available on Kindle, Audible, iTunes, Amazon, and Paperback. My only enemy is me. I’m only focused on being better than I was yesterday. I don’t have time to focus on the “competition”. My only focus is on my personal growth and becoming a better version of myself, learning from my past mistakes and applying solutions to the lessons I have learned.” Christian says.

With so much more to do, Christian is not slowing down in the new year! He is looking forward to releasing more of his writing and much more which he details below: 

“My next project is a book sharing my experiences with the prosthetic industry and how the upper extremity prosthetic industry can be improved. My goal is to shed light on the prosthetic industry, spread awareness and insight.”

To find out more about Christian, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.