Laws Should Be Stricter Regarding Crimes Against Piracy: Actress, Writer and Producer Uldouz Wallace is Leading the Movement with Protect America’s Daughters and Foundation Ra

The issue of privacy is a very delicate topic. Ever since the emergence of the internet, privacy has become vulnerable to violations by unscrupulous people called hackers.

These people often do not care about the lives of others as long as they get what they want, even at the cost of sinking the reputation and professionalism of another person. Many victims of hacking and leaking of non-consensual private images and videos can end up with trauma and mental and physical health issues. 

Uldouz Wallace is an award-winning actress, writer, and executive producer who has been fighting for the need to change the laws that regulate the internet. She wants there to be stricter laws as it pertains to crimes against privacy.

There have been social movements for the vindication of the rights and privacy that are deserving of all people in the world regardless of race, creed, religion or social status. To support this and to raise awareness about the victims of hacking, Uldouz executive produced, wrote and starred in a short film called “Hacked.”

“The short film ‘Hacked’ has won 20 major film awards and was made to raise awareness for victims of hacking/leaking and the traumatic turn of events that occurs when someone’s privacy is violated, the short film was created to shed light on the justice system and how current laws are not designed for these new types of hacking crimes, hackers are lightly convicted even though they have digitally violated, humiliated, raped, profited and taken advantage of hundreds if not thousands of women. These types of hackers should be sentenced as someone who is committing a sex crime and sentences should be more severe.” Uldouz explains.

In addition to her work, Uldouz started a petition to raise even more awareness on the privacy issue and change the outdated laws that are too lenient on hacking crimes. 

The current laws are outdated and technology, tech crimes and hackings have evolved a lot in the last few years, so the law needs to evolve as well. I’ve also created my own non-profit organization registered as a 501(c)3 ‘Foundation Ra’ and to help women and children.” Uldouz explains.

Uldouz was motivated to join this movement and work to give it a platform after learning about the seriousness of hacking and leaking crimes, and how they affect people, especially women.

Not enough work is being done to improve the situation, which is why Uldouz wanted to make a difference to help future generations of people who could be victims of hacking/leaking and online sex trafficking.

The search engines and the various websites that benefit from these types of violations should also be held accountable for their actions. So, with that said, it has motivated me tremendously to tackle this issue and fight to make a difference.” Uldouz states.

Like with all social movements, Uldouz has had to face and overcome many challenges. The main obstacles have been getting the attention of the right people: politicians, lobbyists and lawmakers who are involved in the fight.

I’ve gotten a great response to my cause. So the future looks bright. I believe that doing something to change the world for the better is better than nothing. One step is better than none. So I am very motivated to get the law changed.” She adds.

Uldouz’ next projects include supporting more people through  Foundation Ra, growing the online store Shop U Look, producing more feature films, and continuing to work to change the laws that regulate the internet to protect people’s privacy. 

Learn more about Uldouz and her work here.