Introducing NFT PRO: The Newest Brand from Mater Multimedia Studios Shining Light on the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon

After being in the business for 20 years, Mater Multimedia Studio never fails to prove why they remain at the cutting edge of their industry. They have spent years building their executive team with a vast number of professionals, coming from various backgrounds in communication and multimedia technology. Together, they’ve developed projects in graphics, publishing, film, design, and social media content creation for clients in Iceland, Italy, Australia, and everywhere in between. 

Now, the seasoned team is building a new brand under their parent company, tackling the new phenomenon of cryptocurrency: NFTs, under their new brand NFT PRO. 

“An NFT’s meaning is the registration of a digital object’s “ownership” on a blockchain. The token is “non-fungible” because it represents a unique object and is itself unique.

When it comes to a digital collage or a memorable sports moment, the sale and purchase of an NFT involving it don’t prevent the object from being viewed or shared freely by non-owners. Think of it as an implementation of bragging rights or a way to channel financial support from fans to artists and creators. Simply put, NFTs are collectibles remarkably similar in nature to traditional sports and trading cards. A common card can be worthless, but a rare collectible can be a fortune,” NTF PRO says. 

In their two decades in business, Mater Multimedia Studio has brought forward innovative designs and grown steadily with the media industry, an ever changing business including transmedia, graphics, film, design, and more. Now, their latest venture in NFTs allows them to enable digital creators, music producers, artists, designers and essentially all walks of art and media to collaborate their plans, and implement them to achieve their greatest results.

“Our goal is to build an open-sourced community for uniting various creators and producers to come together and collaborate on new projects or ones they were unable to successfully launch in the past. Allowing everyone to purchase and sell minted NFT’s within our marketplace and sharing their newest pieces. We want our creators and artists to take full pride in their masterpieces and have them showcased to the world,” NFT PRO outlines. 

With the fresh launch of NFT PRO, the team is following the trend at large as society shifts focus to educating themselves and investing in blockchain technology. As a company focused on artists and their work in the media industry, NFT PRO works to make sure their artists, creators, and clients are up to date and fully informed so they are able to make the right decisions for themselves and their work. 

In the coming months, NFT PRO is working towards introducing one on one coaching sessions, e-books, and blogs to consistently keep their community up to date with the latest information, including news, tips, and cryptocurrency insight. As a cornerstone of their coaching program, they work with both new and experienced artists and creators. 

“Having built our reputation over the last two decades on a basis of trust, ethics and delivering value time and time again, we want to ensure our community members are at ease when entering the NFT and Blockchain worlds. Having an experienced consultant/coach to guide artists, creators and music producers along the way is what we envision will quickly allow the community to advance. Furthermore we are extremely excited to launch our many unique & innovative NFT projects, featuring a wide array of distinctive elements that will provide long term value,” NFT PRO says. 

With their new venture, Mater Multimedia Studio is truly able to establish themselves as the benchmark resource for everything related to the world of NFT’s. As a brand, they are growing the enthusiasm and culture related to and surrounding NFT cultivation. 

“These are incredibly exciting times for us at NFT PRO and we welcome all enthusiasts with open arms to join our open-sourced community to leverage the power of NFT’s on a global scale. This is far more versatile than just being a marketplace for buying and selling digital art, rather we want to lead the way in educational series, providing value and growth opportunities for our community members,” NFT PRO says. 

In addition, NFT PRO is looking forward to their continuous active actions being hosted on, the first of which will wrap up at the end of August on the 20th, with more to come. 

Be sure to check out NFT PRO and all they have to offer at their Instagram page and Mater Multimedia Studios at their website.