Mushie Is Taking The Throne For Best Baby Product Brand


Mushie is a rising success story. As an American baby product brand that began when Levi and Mushie Stambler Feigenson recognized a need for safe, modern, and cost-effective nursery items during their second pregnancy. With an opportunity at hand, the couple founded Mushie and created the products themselves.

While Levi brought experience from e-commerce and marketing, the duo were new to product development, but they held a deep understanding of what the market lacked. With a need for mass production and distribution of products on an international scale, Levi and Mushie broke into the baby product industry and became one of the world’s most trusted and sought-after premium brands for babies and young children. Today, Mushie boasts sales in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Throughout its initial years, Mushie garnered support from parents and families everywhere with a dedication to safe, functional, and modern baby products. These products regularly receive five-star reviews from its international customer base.

The company initially harnessed Levi’s expertise in online sales and branding. Following its launch, Mushie generated brand exposure through a series of social media campaigns. With effective marketing, they grew their following quickly and capitalized on their strong community support.

With a variety of avenues for market and product research acquisition, Mushie’s social media platforms top the charts for its responsive online community that brings vital information to parents. Through Facebook and Instagram, Mushie constantly receives feedback from its consumers and adjusts products accordingly to guarantee utility and quality.

In today’s interconnected world, the value of a business’ digital community has increased exponentially. Mushie’s use of social media presents a strong competitive advantage. Comparatively speaking, Mushie has developed a unique community of parents within the U.S. and beyond.

“At Mushie, we prioritize our ability to engage with the community and bring customers into the process of product development,” said Mushie Stambler Feigenson. With a solid reputation and strong culture of brand loyalty, Mushie listens and adapts when customers provide comments or suggestions.

Throughout Mushie’s first three years of business, the company established strong relationships with its manufacturers and distributors. Within these partnerships, Mushie’s team developed an intricate understanding of the production process for all of its product lines. With an experienced team of designers implementing modern, Scandinavian-inspired designs, Mushie product lines now provide functional and aesthetically pleasing baby essentials for an international market.

All in all, Mushie took a simple idea and transformed it into an international brand. They accessed their skill sets and developed business partnerships for quality production. Mushie’s innovative business style has paid off as its popularity continues to grow exponentially.

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