Changing the Immigration Landscape, Oscar Barbosa and His Team Are Offering Expertise in Immigration Law

Immigration is one of the most heard buzzwords going around these days. We are inundated with updates and news on the border and immigration in and out of the United States. However, very few of us fully understand the process and what goes into the work behind the verbiage we always hear.

One of the many people who works in this space is Oscar Barbosa. He is a lawyer in the immigration firm Diaspora Law, who is working to help people in all 50 states with cases ranging from individual immigration to deportation cases.

“I see immigration as a human rights-oriented practice. I currently provide consulting services worldwide, previously working with the Jesuit Refugee Service, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and with the Service Employees International Union. As an Attorney, I have been able to explain complicated options in understandable terms to his clients,” Oscar explains.

For Oscar, this law practice is incredibly important to him. With his experience in the law world and his travel experience, Oscar saw just how difficult the immigration process was. He wanted to learn more and help people traverse the harsh terrain and realities with a good lawyer by their side, so he dove into the practice.

“Immigrants navigate against the current in an unwelcoming immigration system. I enjoy assisting families in obtaining successful results or at least in understanding the system and requirements. My previous academic and work experiences have taken me for extended periods to Japan, Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, Chile and South Africa. I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the New Jersey Bar and have received extensive positive reviews in Avvo, Google and Super Lawyers,” Oscar details.

In addition to his travels and his passion for generating a deeper understanding of the immigration system, Oscar is able to create an environment different from other immigration lawyers because of his own personal family background and experience with the immigration process. Having had lawyers that were caring and had the ability to thoroughly explain and understand the specifics on an immigration situation led Oscar to strive to do more.

“My positive interactions with lawyers when I was young was very helpful to building my desire to help others. I have developed both a different kind of culture and feeling around my practice,” Oscar says.

Oscar is planning on continuing what he does best and helping others through the immigration system. To find out more about Oscar and his team, you can follow them on Instagram here and check out their website here.