With Ajani Records, Hussain Ajani Helps Young & Rising Stars in the Music Industry

Hussain Ajani is an American Pakistani, owner of the record label Ajani Records. It is a unique platform that allows talented, young and new singers, but not necessarily with many financial resources, to expose their music to the world.

“I feel everyone should get at least a chance to showcase their talent and that is exactly what we’re trying to do”, he expresses. As a music producer, Ajani is known for creating music that feels different, with catchy tunes and beautiful lyrics.

Ajani has always been passionate about music. He believes that it is the best tool to heal broken hearts, spread peace and love regardless of race, religion, language or where you’re from. This is why he decided to become a music producer. But it wasn’t until 2021 that he initiated Ajani Records to provide entertainment globally during the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

He identified a big necessity in the music industry. “There are no platforms for the young and rising stars. There are no venues or many opportunities for the budding singers, particularly if we see our top talent from South Asia i.e. Pakistan and India. There are money constraints and also no support from friends and family members” states Ajani.

Ajani speaks from personal experience as well. When he was starting his musical journey, he got a lot of criticism and doubts for his career path. And entering the world of music production, he only had his goal, but no venues. It was his dedication and passion that brought him to where he’s now. In this sense, he advises to never give up and keep trying. It is important to believe in your own talent, because self confidence will help you to succeed.

His mantra and biggest belief for work and life is a combination of patience, persistence and perspiration. “The road to success is not easy but at the same time it is not unachievable”, he comments. The results, performance and management of Ajani Records is the fruit of 3 years of nonstop hard work. 

Nowadays, Ajani has released almost a dozen songs with millions of views on his Youtube channel. He is working to bring Ajani Records Season 2 and some musical assignments. “Music is food for the soul” says Ajani, and it is his fuel to continue in his job.

When asking Ajani what is different from his competition, he answers that he thinks outside the box, is a fan of innovation and feels that change is the only constant feeling in the world. He also thinks that kindness and compassion are keys to achieve bigger things in life. “It makes me and my work definitely unique in a way that I’ll always be known for spreading love through music. I’ll be leaving a legacy of music behind me for many years to come” Ajani shares.

You can know more about Ajani and his music label through his Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.