Two other Memphis police officers and three firefighters fired after Tire Nichols’ fatal beating

The consequences of the fatal beating that Tire Nichols, a 29-year-old black man, suffered at the hands of the police now includes the firing of two more Memphis officers, adding to the five who had already been fired previously. In addition, three members of the city’s fire brigade were removed from their posts. Meanwhile, across the country, critics are calling for police reform.

This Monday, the Police Department indicated that seven officers in total were relieved of duty the day after the beating of Nichols, two more than previously announced. Five of the officers, all black, were fired on January 20 and then charged last week with manslaughter and other charges.

Officers pulled over Nichols on what they initially said was suspicion of reckless driving. After the cops pulled him out of his car, a struggle ensued and he ran away. Minutes later, officers caught up with him at a second location and punched or kicked him numerous times, police body camera and surveillance video shows. Nichols collapsed to the ground while he was handcuffed. It took another 23 minutes before a stretcher arrived at the scene and he was taken to the hospital. He died three days later from his injuries, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said.