Travel and Be Happy in Mexico: Erika Garcia and Her Team Provide Tourist Services for People Looking To Relax and Take a Break, and They Are Offering a Sweet Deal Right Now

Sometimes people think that previous times were better. The world has been evolving at a dizzying pace, fast and frantic, which in many opportunities brings negative consequences for their health not only physically but also mentally.

It is always important to be able to take some time to rest and recharge energy to be able to move on and continue life’s path. One of the best ways to get a break both physically and mentally is taking a family vacation and for that there are the excellent services offered by Erika Garcia.

Erika is the CEO of Vacacionante, Vacacionante Brazil and CancunCards, which has served more than 300,000 families who have travelled to the Mexican Caribbean in the last 18 years. 

When you go on a vacation, you not only travel to another place but you also get happiness and mental rest. With their services, Erika and her team don’t just offer a vacation, they sell happiness.

Life happens in moments and those moments have to be created in a memorable way. We own the experience that comes directly to consumers through happiness on a card. That happiness contains access to a destination that is the first and safest in the world and the card is their ticket that entitles them to book whatever they want. Our card is the perfect gift to recognize someone’s effort. We offer a digital and a physical version.” Erika shares.

Erika and her team are ready to receive clients in the best hotel facilities where they will provide comfort and relaxation that families deserve. At the moment they are offering a plan that includes 5 days and 4 nights stay including air flights. 

At Vacacionante and CancunCards, they are in the business of people serving people. Erika has always loved dealing with people and being with them, but beyond providing unforgettable vacations, Erika also started her business with the goal of generating jobs that can encourage investment in Mexico. 

Indeed, Erika has directly employed more than 500 people in Cancun, Brazil, and Argentina, and over the years her company has sold more than 700,000 vacation travel packages, representing more than $180 million.