Tas Raww is Chasing His Dream and Loving Every Second of it

Madison, Wisconsin, is home to rapper Tas Raww, who has been through more than a handful of trials and tribulations to be in the position that he is in today. From a young age, Tas has had run-ins with the law. One incident led him to be put in Dodge Correctional Facility when he was only 17 years old. Little did Tas know that he would envision his life to be like one of his favorites rappers when serving time. He would daydream in his cell about the music he could create and how he’d start making music once he got out.

After Tas was released, he did just that, he went home and immediately began to work on music. He would spend an endless amount of time studying his sound, creating beats, and engineering his songs to perfection. He wanted to be educated in all aspects that go into making a hit song, and it is paying off for him now. Although he has previously dropped four mixtapes, Tas Raww comments that his new album feels like “just the beginning” for this up-and-coming Midwest rapper. 2020 was an entire year dedicated to mastering his music, and Tas Raww is looking forward to broadcasting his skills in 2021.

It’s nothing but grinding and hustling for Tas Raww as he looks to revolutionize his music career in the year ahead. He wants to leave an uplifting lasting impression on every person who listens to his music and gives back to them to show their love and support. He knows that his dream of being a professional musician would never be possible if it weren’t for his fans.

From once to a kid with a dream to a full-time artist on the pursuit of musical fame, Tas Raww has had a unique journey to get him in the position that he is today. He has put in hard work and dedication to manifest the future into exactly what he deserves. It is only a matter of time before Tas Raww becomes a household name in the music industry.

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