Shaun Rawls Learned that the Key to Success and the Key to Happiness Can Come from the Same Place. Find Out His Story Below.

The world is constantly adapting, changing, developing. Human beings, other animals, plants, and everything in between are the result of billions of adaptations that led to our current state. In the future, these adaptations will continue and we will not see the same things that we do today. However, adaptation, when it comes to your daily life, is not always something that you should strive for. 

This is where Shaun Rawls and F-it-less come into play. Shaun was once a real estate agent, real estate business owner, and coach. However, life had more in store for him. It was calling him to something greater where he could teach and give back to others about ways that they were sacrificing themselves for the benefit of others.

“F-it-less is a book that shares hard earned wisdom about how to live your best life.  It asks readers an important question: Is the quality of your life (your work, your relationship, etc.) the result of you adapting to things, people and circumstances that are less than ideal, as opposed to adapting to things that are more than ideal for you?  And the more important question: “Is that okay?”’ Shaun explains.

Shaun’s book is not just giving blanket advice; it is offering real advice to improve your quality of life and stop giving up your wants for other things. It builds on Shaun’s experiences as well. As the former head of a successful business, he knows how to achieve success at multiple levels and give advice on how to do so while building a new family and making sure that there is time for you!

“Most books like this aren’t written by business people. They don’t always connect the dots between a space we create personally to one where we can succeed at work.” That’s why this book is unique. I have succeeded at a high level in business, and taken what I’ve learned about what’s important, and more importantly, what’s not important and written a self help, life improving book that is real, easy to grasp, easy to implement and that can start simplifying and improving lives NOW and forever,” Shaun states.

Throughout Shaun’s leadership career, he has never sought the spotlight.  He has been a supportive leader who prefers that those around him receive all the credit they deserve.  Shaun believes that if you help enough people get what they want, you will always get what you want.”

I am an authentic leader.  I’ve never been one for clandestine strategies.  I love to lead, but I don’t seek the spotlight.  I believe that leaders should have the dirtiest uniform on the team. I look at everything from a leadership perspective, pulling observations and lessons that I can share with others that can help them be better. I don’t believe that health and happiness have to be compromised to live a financially rewarding life.  And I don’t believe others need to lose in order for me to win.  Abundance has always been at the core of who I am,” Shaun says.

Shaun is continuing to blaze a new trail in the new year with plans on expanding and reaching more folks as he enhances his social media presence and delves into keynote speaking. To find out more about Shaun, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.