Sharing his experience to the world with 18 F words- check out Shaun Rawl’s book on his success “F-it-less” 

Meet Shaun Rawls– author, speaker, and leader. 

Shaun has been a real estate mogul and leader in the Atlanta metropolitan area for two decades. Over the past years, he has accelerated with having a leadership perspective.  First early success was when he launched his conglomerate in 1999 called Keller Williams Realty. Back then they only started off with 21 agents. Years later, it has exceeded all expectations as Keller Williams became the number one real estate office in Atlanta, selling nearly $4 Billion in 2014, and with over 5,000 agents. 

After leaving his comfortable life in real estate, he focused on building a new life with his wife and family, and he entered the world of authorship. Shaun knew after so much success in coaching, consulting, and real estate, he wanted to capture those numerous experiences in some form. Thus he set off to publish his first book to share his life and to help millions of other people learn how they can reach their full potential in life and business. As an outcome, his first book “F-it-less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Refocus Your Life” was published and captured the raw and vulnerable experiences he faced, along with key info that could change anyone’s life for the better. F-it-less offers exercises that can help readers simplify and prioritize their desires for love, happiness, peace, joy and productivity, and show them how to realize them, one step at a time.  More important, it offers unique and powerful perspectives, thought processes and sobering truths that just might stick with you forever in your new F-it-less life.

 Shaun continues to desire his words to reach a broader audience of people who need to hear what he had to say because he was fortunate enough to have a career with phenomenal teachers and coaches and mentors and wished to share those “secrets” to success with many.

 “I think it’s always been important to me to be a reliable catalyst who has helped people be their very best.  When people call upon me for help or advice, I want to be the guy who always had a helpful and productive answer. Being a successful voice that has, and continues to have, an impact on the mindset and the results of people who work this way gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction, as well as a sense of significance.”

Now Shaun continues to live life to the fullest with his beautiful wife and kids, and looks to see other people succeed in their own goals.

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