Look your best for less- check out Fresh Dry Cleaners

Fresh Dry Cleaners is a family company and black-owned chain dry cleaners that have recently exploded in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. At Fresh Dry Clean, they don’t simply clean clothes but make sure every experience is unique and tailored to every customer to meet their needs. 

The mastermind and founder of the chain is Ishmael Wilson who in the last decade has expanded his entrepreneurship portfolio through the adding of a dry cleaning chain.. Throughout his life, Ishmael constantly prayed to God for business direction. At a young age, it was hard for him growing up, as his mother worked 12-14 hours a day just to make sure they had their basic needs. From basketball to softball, every important event in his youth, his mother missed because of her irregular work hours. After an unfortunate event, his mother was threatened due to her success in the company and was forced to retire. This pushed Ishmael to become an entrepreneur so he could work for himself and support his mother and older sister. 

Throughout the years he continued to build his capacity in the dry-cleaning industry which has helped him greatly as he has expanded. Thanks to the direction provided by God, he finally launched Fresh Dry Cleaners with his first location in Capitol Heights, MD. His very first year in business, he made only $3000. A couple years later, he was afforded the opportunity to build out a storefront location in the arts district in his hometown.  Despite all the obstacles, financial barriers, logistical challenges, marketing hurdles, and the pandemic that hit in 2020, Ishmael has continued to fight for Fresh Dry Cleaners. 

He now owns 4 locations and even provides tailoring services as needed. Fresh Dry Cleaner’s goal is quality and this is the reason why they chose to be eco-friendly, as quality means no use of harmful chemicals, toxins and is safer for the environment.

Now in 2022, Ishmael is looking to expand his dry-cleaning chain throughout the U.S. Coming soon, Ishmael looks to provide shoeshine and repair services for anyone needing this type of show service. 

For more information check out Fresh Dry Cleaner’s website www.freshdryclean.com and follow Ishmael on Instagram @pastorceo