Get To Know All The Benefits Of Training Your Dog With All Dogs Unleashed: The Training Facility That Offers The Same Features Of A Pet Resort

Many people, pet owners and non-pet owners alike, would agree that training plays a critical role in a dog’s development and ability to safely interact with their environment. The consequence of not training a dog can result in everything from annoyance and frustration on the part of an owner to severe and preventable problems, requiring behavior modification for a resolution.

Whether you already have a canine companion or are considering the addition of a furry family member, training your pup is integral to optimizing your relationship with them and providing them the best life that you possibly can! In that sense, All Dogs Unleashed is a dog training facility that offers all the same features of a pet resort. It is definitely not your typical training facility. 

The founders of this successful business are Bryan Claeys and his best friend, Travis Lux. They both grew up having trained dogs so they were excited to get started! In addition, they have great sales skills and go over the top with how well we like to treat all their customers.

“We also began to sell license agreements so we have helped others make a career following the same practices. We franchised in 2021 so we not only run the highest revenue producing pet resort in the nation but we are also helping others achieve the same goal”, Brian shares.

They offer different types of services, such as board and train, in-home training, daycare, bathing, grooming and more! They focus on not overcrowding their facility so their clients’ dog will receive the best of care. Plus, their facility was built brand new with your pet in mind and they offer indoor and outdoor play areas for pets to get the proper socialization every dog needs to be well balanced.

“From a business standpoint we are the most organized dog trainers you will come across. Dressed to impress, chick fil a customer service and alway under promise over deliver. We make dog training simple for humans so that you can have a better relationship with you and your dog. We then make a relationship with you and we are always there to help with boarding daycare or additional training”, Brian adds.

What are the benefits of dog training? 

  • It is significantly safer for your dog.

Ensuring your pet listens to your commands can prevent it from experiencing potentially deadly conflict with other dogs or wild animals, running into a busy road or generally harming itself in hazardous situations.

  • It’s safer for your home.

Training your dog helps ensure that your living quarters are treated with respect. Instilling manners in your pet means that it will know the difference between what is acceptable and unacceptable in your home, and it will behave with courtesy to the rest of your family. What’s more, dog training will save a great deal of money on home repairs!

  • It builds a lasting relationship between you and your dog.

A training regime will establish a fundamental connection between you and your pup. As you spend time together, creating boundaries, sharing experiences and learning to understand each other, a mutual respect will develop

  • Improved dog health.

When a dog is well-trained, it knows how to behave well. It makes the owner feel less frustrated. Therefore, the little pet feels calm and satisfied. Just like humans, pets also feel various reactions. Your dog can easily understand love, hatred, frustration, distress, and many other feelings.

Despite all the work that they have already done, Brian and Travis aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon. They details their next steps below:

“2022 has been fantastic and we have some major improvements and projects we are working on for the business. We believe so much in the model that we are adding additional locations that will be corporate stores. We are in construction for our Shreveport location and we hope that will be completed in the next 8 months. We also have offers on properties in Oklahoma City. We are also going to start to work on website updates as we continue to dominate our SEO. We are very proud of our model and with 16 locations from natural growth we are excited to bring on new owners and show them how to be successful as well!”

They’re located in the Dallas area near the airport right off 635 and George Bush. Give them a call or go see their Dog Resort soon! To find out more about All Pets Unleashed, check out their website here.