F-It-Less is a Book Teaching People to Do Just That: Stop Giving into People and Pressure that Doesn’t Work for You.

Though it can be difficult to find the time, reading is a great way to learn new ways to change your life. Whether it is reading out meditation, a new philosophy, or just reading for fun, books have a way of letting us explore a new world or different side of ourselves that we never knew existed. They can inspire us, change us, and even take us away from our day to day lives even if just for a moment.

A book that is aiming to do more than just be a good read is F-it-less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Repurpose Your Life. F-it-less is a book that shares hard earned wisdom about how to live your best life.  It asks readers an important question: Is the quality of your life (your work, your relationship, etc.) the result of you adapting to things, people and circumstances that are less than ideal, as opposed to adapting to things that are more than ideal for you?  And the more important question: “Is that okay?”

The book is designed to encourage people to say “F-it!” less, and live more, by encouraging readers to stop giving up or giving in to others when they shouldn’t. F-it-less offers exercises that can help readers simplify and prioritize their desires for love, happiness, peace, joy and productivity, and show them how to realize them, one step at a time.  More importantly, it offers unique and powerful perspectives, thought processes and sobering truths that just might stick with the reader forever in their new F-it-less life.

The book aims to, as it states, meet the reader where they are while knowing that greatness and the changes in a reader’s life can only come from within and that success doesn’t mean having the most money or winning at everything, but rather is about finding that happiness that will help you excel in life.

What differentiates F-It Less from other self-help books  is that it is grounded in real life achievements from a business leader. This is because its creator, Shaun Rawls, is a different kind of leader and business person than your average business owner. Shaun, after conquering the real estate business, wanted to give back to others, so he created this book!

“Most books like this aren’t written by business people. They don’t always connect the dots between a space we create personally to one where we can succeed at work.” That’s why this book is unique. I have succeeded at a high level in business, and taken what I’ve learned about what’s important, and more importantly, what’s not important and written a self help, life improving book that is real, easy to grasp, easy to implement and that can start simplifying and improving lives NOW and forever,” Shaun states.

To find out more about F-It Less, you can check out the book here.