Melany Fernandez is the Venezuelan Model, Journalist and TV Host Behind the Beauty Studio Punto Laser

Melany Fernandez is a Venezuelan model and journalist who came to the United States after deciding she would be an independent woman and would go after her dreams. She now runs her own beauty studio, Punto Laser.

I am my main motivation and that is why I decided to set goals for myself and achieve them.” Melany shares, “I used to be a bit insecure but in time I started to see what I could do. In fact, I started in social media about three years ago and now I see the product of my work. Now social media is part of my work and through them I show my beauty studio and my hair products.”

Melany is attracted to the beauty industry and a year ago decided to open her beauty studio, Punto Laser, which specializes in laser hair removal. The studio has been growing little by little, and now she also offers a line of hair products. 

In addition to this, Melany also has a career as a TV Host at EVTV Miami. Being able to host TV from the United States is a big achievement for her and a testament to her commitment. . 

I consider myself to be a woman who does not rest until she achieves her goals and that is what I transmit day by day.” Melany explains.

Melany decided to start Punto Laser studio because she wanted to achieve economic stability, which she knew was very difficult to do but not impossible. She wanted to not depend on third parties. 

“I believe that mindset is very important because if someone has a negative mindset things may not go right. To always be positive and focused on objectives is the key.” Melany advises and adds, “My advice to people trying to start their own business or brand is to set goals and objectives, and start researching everything about their business. That is the beginning. Then things will start to develop with strategies.”

Sometimes business owners or brand builders believe that it is necessary to stand out from others and so they focus so much on looking for what characteristics of their competitors make them different. 

But doing this, they can lose perspective and fall into a vicious circle where they slow down their development towards success. This is not the case with Melany, who is always focused on her own goals. 

“Being myself I am different from everyone else. I do not want to be better than anyone, I want to surpass myself every day and be better than yesterday.” Melany says.

Through it all, one of Melany’s biggest challenges has been being separated from her family and loved ones, who do not live in the same city. But she uses this energy to work on her own personal and professional projects. 

My project every day is to grow as a person. On the professional side, I want to continue growing my business as well as expand and internationalize my career as a TV host.” She states. 

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