Eduardo Toledo Runs Eminent Smart Business, Which Advises Small, Medium And Large Investors On Capital Management

Eduardo Toledo is a Venezuelan from the city of Maracaibo in the state of Zulia, who is the General Director of Eminent Smart Business, which manages the capital of small, medium and large investors. 

At a very young age, Eduardo lost his father, but today he himself as the son of an incredible mother who without hesitation faced the challenge of raising two men as both mother and father. 

“I am also the brother of a young artist whom I seek to support day by day while letting him learn lessons on his own, husband of a wonderful woman who teaches me every now and then that there is more than one solution to every problem, and last but not least, father of a beautiful girl who makes every day a different adventure with every awakening and to whom I intend to leave everything for which I work tirelessly today.” Eduardo says.

Since he was young, Eduardo sought to satisfy his expenses by talking to, learning from, and rubbing shoulders with those who were already in the business industry. However, he had problems with his family who told him that he had to go to a university, get a good job and live with what his work produced.

After a long time fighting against the current, Eduardo decided to do what he had to do and went to college. He ended up leaving five careers in the freezer, and that is when he decided to follow his passion.

“Thanks to an impulse from the most important person in my life (my mother from whom I was eagerly seeking approval) who saw I wasn’t fully interested in any career, and with the support of others, I decided to go for cooking, which at the time was a passion, silencing the voices that called me again and again to dedicate myself and study business. I was immediately fascinated by the world of cooking where I learned by doing, burning, and cutting. I must say that it was like a drug for the moment, I learned very quickly, I shone for a while, I traveled all over my country learning, living, eating, making friends and working. But I lacked freedom. although from that profession I keep the discipline, the order and how valuable it can be to follow a methodology.” Eduardo shares.

But Eduardo still had no financial freedom, which for him is the power to meet necessary expenses without resorting to external debts and to be able to sleep peacefully because everything that his family, his team and himself needs is covered.

I was still dependent and I decided to hold on to my freedom after a December 31st when I had to work in a famous hotel serving the Christmas dishes that came out one after the other. At that moment I decided to keep what I had learned from cooking, but to go build my own legacy and make my own decisions.” Eduardo explains.

Today Eduardo runs a business that focuses on capital management, with opportunities for small, medium, and large investors called Eminent. They help clients maximize value by investing in a diversified portfolio of instruments that adjust based on developments in the global economy. 

To do this, Eminent creates a personalized portfolio for each client. They understand the client’s profile, recommend a diverse investment portfolio in USD, and monitor market conditions. 

In addition, after amassing experience successfully managing capital, Eduardo authored a digital book, “Trades sin arrogancia,” which talks about investment and the necessary mentality to succeed while investing.

Focused largely on diversification into different industries, from the stock market to e-commerce, we are true believers that you can’t have ‘all your eggs in one basket.’ We differentiate ourselves from others by the human quality with which we serve our clients, most of whom are referrals, and the transparency with which we deal with them.”

Eduardo was motivated to enter this industry when he saw how little access the common citizen with little capital could have to enter the world of finance. Eduardo believes that even though it is true that the world of finance is much more accessible, people still see it as something extremely complicated.

At first, Eduardo was inspired to start his own business by a desire to be a businessman. He had the idea of what businessmen were like inside his head: they were the men in a limousine suit in front of several screens, with an incredible building or offices talking about stocks and companies or investing in various sources of income. But today that vision has changed completely.

“Today I am passionate about researching opportunities that no one talks about, strategizing to achieve goals for me and my investors. I am inspired by the feedback I have received from clients and colleagues for the work we have been doing.” Eduardo adds. “Today I differentiate myself from my competition in the way I treat my clients with personalized attention, and transparent information to the point.”

Eduardo’s projects in 2021 include expanding Eminent’s client portfolio. Currently, they have created two new portfolios in both crypto-currency and e-commerce for all clients looking for long-term investment opportunities. They are available for contact through WhatsApp.

Find out more about Eduardo and Eminent here.