Dr. Abdalla Kablan Shows Us That Artificial Wisdom Is The Best Possible Path For Growing Technology

Many artists for centuries have used the human body as an influence on their work. It can be seen as an influence in everything from paintings to sculptures and everything in between. However, we do not often think of technology entrepreneurs being inspired by human beings. Dr. Abdalla Kablan is an exception to this rule.

“Being passionate about AI, I’ve always been inspired by the fact that for humans despite possessing the most advanced supercomputer in existence (the human brain) , as a species we have never evolved to utilise most of its processing capabilities. In Engineering, I believe that a historical mistake was made decades ago, when engineers and manufacturers of electronics followed the Von Neumann Architecture which has separated the processing unit from memory on all chips arguably leading to a semi flawed design where memory and processing are apart and the race was to get them closer and closer. If you look at the human brain, there is no separation, there is no processing unit and a memory unit, everything happens within an interconnecting web of billions of neurons in our brains. The human brain is also very energy efficient consuming only 12 watts (a fifth of the power required by a standard 60 watt lightbulb) while a super computer  consumes circa 4 megawatts. That in my opinion is how every chip should’ve been designed, which is why looking at the promise of neuromorphic chips and neuromorphic computing, it is a no brainer that whoever cracks that field will dominate the tech world for decades to come, afterall semiconductors are the underlying technology of everything we use, and if software is eating the world, then semiconductor chips are the teeth,” Dr. Abdalla Kablan explains.

Dr. Kablan is an investor in many types of businesses in the technology industry. He is also a talented entrepreneur and award winning AI and fintech expert. He successfully founded and sold multiple companies including the recent exit of Wyzer to a Nasdac-Nordic listed company, which is why he is often called the Elon Musk of Arabia!

“Today while still actively leading Wyzer to become a main global player in intelligent process engineering arena,  I also invest in an array of other AI driven hardware tech businesses, the most recent being investing in advanced semiconductors and neuromorphic computing chip projects which will be a new revolution in AI; imagine having a brain on a chip. This is particularly exciting, because the world is running out of semiconductor chips. Many world leaders declared that the scarcity of semiconductor chips is a matter of concern, hence I believe that this is the time to re-invent the chip and build it with a neuromorphic architecture in mind which is what I plan to do as I will be announcing soon,” Dr. Abdalla Kablan remarks.

Dr. Abdalla is out to solve a fundamental problem with artificial intelligence, AI, that he believes will revolutionize the business. He details how many AI systems have been stuck in one phase and glorified for their successes there, but he believes that they are all capable of something more: wisdom.

“Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of AI systems historically are still stuck in being intelligence-glorified knowledge bases and have not achieved the ‘wisdom’ stage yet, and the difference is quite clear: Knowledge is the difference between true and false but Wisdom is the difference between right and wrong. AI, historically, could not figure out the link or inference to the side of wisdom. The reason being is that for the past 40 to 50 years in AI, the arms race was to kind of create the next Einstein; the best mathematical model that can solve a problem like beating the world champion at Chess or Go. However, Instead of creating an Einstein, we should have focused on creating an Aristotle which understands the various facets of intelligence, not only the intellectual and mathematical intelligence but also social intelligence, cultural intelligence, and emotional intelligence, a system that can differentiate between right and wrong. The reason why suck problems have not been solved is not because they are unsolvable, it’s that only a few have focused on actually solving them. So I now belong to the mindset that instead of focusing on artificial intelligence, we should focus on artificial wisdom,” Dr. Abdalla states.

With an industry to revolutionize, Dr. Abdalla is planning to begin his movement sooner rather than later. Expect a lot from him and his companies in the coming year as he begins pushing the envelope of what AI is capable of.

On the software front I am steering Wyzer to be the global player that is creating better and smarter systems that intelligently manage and automate business processes using intelligent, no-code paradigms. On the hardware front I am actively investing in semiconductor and Neuromorphic chip technology because they will pave the way for the type of Morfyk initiatives that will truly transform the world.  Such initiatives have immense potential both economical and technological, and will also optimise and enhance the infrastructural backbone that will in turn lead to things like the advancement of research and development, the efficient delivery of public services and the creation of efficient true ‘smart’ cities will also become a realistic goal once there is direct access to such advanced home grown technologies is enabled and nourished. The semiconductor powers everything and producing such technologies would have a positive impact and will yield many beneficial results which might be the true spark that is needed for the region, a paradigm shift, a technological revolution,” Dr. Abdalla states.

To find out more about Dr. Abdalla Kablan, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here www.Abdallakablan.com