Creativity & Analytics Find Their Perfect Match in Entrepreneur Rudy Mawer

Flying on a private jet, working alongside famous celebrities, living in a freakin’ castle! Rudy Mawer’s Instagram is littered with clear signs of his personal and financial success as an entrepreneur. But how did this absurdly young millionaire make his fortune? 

The answer lies in Rudy’s unique blend of creative and analytical skills, which he developed over years of practice and hard work. 

Originally operating as a personal trainer, Rudy honed his marketing skills to build an empire of online shops and classes. Now at the peak of his success, Rudy looks to share those same skills with other businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to break into their own industry.

“I learned marketing from scratch when I was a personal trainer at eighteen years old,” Rudy recounts. “I went to college to be a sports scientist and eventually created my own bestselling online workout program with over 100,000 sales that still sells to this day. 

A scientist at heart, I tried and tested everything… and there was a lot of rubbish out there, even 9 years ago. I had no mentors, didn’t have any special marketing training. But because I was one of the first people within the UK to be running Facebook Ads, my success online was totally on me to reach out and claim.”

Despite the hurdles in his way, Rudy quickly grew his online fitness classes to a multi seven-figure business, still running profitably after five years. 

Rudy moved tothen turned his eyes towards the US to further his quest in becoming a billionaire, where he was awarded the rare and coveted O-1 “extraordinary individual” visa to the United States for his marketing and fitness business skills. That visa opened a world of opportunity for Rudy, which he soon stepped up to claim stateside, opening a string of successful online marketing businesses, before moving into business investing and acquisition. Rudy now looks to share his expertise through Mawer Capital, with Kevin Harrington the Shark from the TV show Shark Tank, the eponymous group reaping and reinvesting millions in the US economy.

“Mawer Capital is many things,” Rudy shares, “but at its core it is a business based on partnerships, with an incubator and ‘Mastermind’ like model that helps entrepreneurs establish themselves in their industry. We help startups scale by injecting capital and by integrating better systems into their business, better marketing, how to master paid online advertising with a major focus on Facebook advertising, how to build teams, how to scale the business, and much, much more. 

Furthermore, we are also investors in entrepreneurs and brands, with a growing portfolio of brand partner companies. The Mastermind side of Mawer is more focused on coaching and consulting, and we have partnerships where we come in and merge with businesses to help them scale effectively.”

With an array of experience running hundreds of businesses, and even big US brands such as otherinvestments and partnerships with big-name brands such as Pier 1, Radioshack, Steinmart, and Dressbarn, Rudy believes he can helpand Mawer Capital are poised to grow businesses of all sizes, from the earliest-stage startup to multinational corporations. 

Furthermore, Mawer Capital’s Mastermind programseripes is there for individual entrepreneurs to learn just what it takes to be the lead of growth in their own businesses with the close mentorship from Rudy and his team. From how to structure a team, to growing a business’ culture, and even mastering the arcane science of social media marketing, Rudy and his team are there to support businesses at every stage of their growth. This type of expertise is critical to a growing company, as Rudy shares:

“First and foremost, you need to focus on building your network and sphere of influence. People try to do everything alone. They try to reinvent the wheel every time, when the truth is that if they connect with the right people, they could knock decades off their entrepreneurial journey. 

The success of my business can be directly linked back to my connections and the partnerships I’ve forged over the years. You need to surround yourself with the right people; put yourself in the right rooms. Mawer Capital is opening those doors for entrepreneurs, helping our partners connect and grow simultaneously and instilling a growth mindset in all of the businesses we work alongside.”

Moving forward, Rudy looks to expand Mawer Capital’s client base significantly, growing their revenue and investment to more than $20 million in 2022. He is also looking to acquire, merge, and partner with at least ten additional companies in the new year, while expanding his portfolio into more real estate deals as the market continues to grow in the US and overseas. 

First and foremost, however, Rudy is interested in helping other entrepreneurs seize on the opportunities in their industries, while disrupting the status quo with big new ideas and expert marketing partnerships. With this kind of mindset and go-get em attitude, it should come as no surprise that Rudy Mawer is already breaking records in his industry.

You can follow Rudy Mawer on Instagram (@rudymawerlife) and check out Mawer Capital online