Changing The Way Leaders And Entrepreneurs Think: This Is The Story Of Heinz Kaegi

Heinz Kaegi is not your typical entrepreneur. From Switzerland, he realized that he had a passion that he wanted to follow. After his executive career from scratch to top including over a decade of C-level experience, Heinz set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams.

“I engaged my own approach in self-designed workshops as a partner in a growing national personal development firm. A few years later, the time seemed right to expand internationally. I realized a longing dream to live and work in the U.S. as a sole entrepreneur. Looking back now, I confess that most of my close friends in Switzerland had discouraged me from risking such an adventure given the fact that I did not even master the American language,” Heinz explains.

Eventually Heinz had already decided to follow the voice of his heart and to get away. He had spent years in the business space and was struggling with a boss who increasingly disapproved of him and his work. This moment led him to make a choice as to what to do next for his career.

“I reorganized the sales and marketing division and aligned it to match the strategic changes for a successful future. In the midst of producing promising progress, it was for the first time in my career that I faced a stumbling stone of a seemingly insurmountable class. My boss increasingly disagreed and later disapproved of my visionary approach. After quite some time in this limiting and frustrating lose-lose pattern, the moment of truth swiftly approached and it was time to make a good choice: either compromise and investing more time of my life and effort  into something I did not believe in while being the visionary path forward thus walking against own values, or to follow the voice of my heart and focus on something else,” Heinz states.

Heinz took that leap of faith and it has paid off incredibly well. He trusted that despite the odds against him, he would be able to find his footing and survive in America and even thrive in the business world. He now runs multiple businesses and has expanded his roots in Europe and Asia.

“As the founder of emPowerment Group Ltd., I built this international company with activities in the same sector as before. Now with an even stronger portfolio with the globally unique LEX Leaders Excellence™ Program, I have designed for executives to move from hard work to heart work.® It was in the year 2016 when Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. emerged from the emPowerment Group. The international team of mentors and coaches inspires, develops and shapes the future, together with visionary executives and for companies, to reach groundbreaking emPowerment, leading from that future and performing a sustainable impact for an economy of heart,” Heinz says.

Heinz is not slowing down now! He has big projects planned for the future as he continues to grow his businesses and his business portfolio.

“The worldwide unique “LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life.” concept was conceived many years ago during a magnificent decade when I lived in beautiful Florida in the U.S. Ever since, I made it full circle around the globe, inspiring and challenging many thousands of executives to become who they are as leaders. And now, I am bringing this life changing deep-dive process back to its original birthplace: the first exclusive event will take place on May 27-29, 2021 in Salt Lake City. This event is not a big stage seminar with thousand spectators; this is an intimate immersion process with a limited group of hand selected personalities on the path of becoming who they are. Executives who are committed from the heart to grow beyond, producing sustainable success and fulfillment in order to express their full potential as leaders. The higher cause is about leaving a legacy that creates a future for the next generations.

In 2020, the world of work has changed forever. The lifetime of managers is over. It is now time to grow beyond. In this context, I have created a concept to answer this wake-up call. As the initiator of this visionary idea, I am in preparation together with my core international team to form the ‘International Economy of Heart Foundation’” Heinz comments.

To find out more about Heinz, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here