Balloon Consulting: Navigating the Digital Business with Montserrat Nava’s Expertise

Montserrat Nava Hurtado emerges as a leader with immense expertise in Digital Acquisition Strategies. With over two decades of experience, Montserrat has led E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Sales initiatives for prominent multinational companies, including Oxfam, CitiBanamex, American Express, Grupo Salinas, and Grupo Coppel.

Montserrat is the Co-founder and CEO of Balloon, a digital consultancy firm specializing in growth and online acquisition; with over 20 years of experience, she aims to democratize the utilization of the digital ecosystem.

She is certified as a Chief Digital Officer by MIT and holds a Computer Systems Administration degree focusing on Advertising and Marketing from ITESM. Montserrat is also a certified Holistic Psychologist and Coach.

In her free time, Montserrat enjoys yoga, meditation, and exploring holistic therapies, embodying a conscious and humane approach to leadership.

Her journey reflects a passion for entrepreneurship from her early years. As a visionary marketing professional, she has specialized in crafting 1:1 strategies, Go-to-Market approaches, Affiliate Marketing, and leveraging Email and Social Media for online acquisition, particularly in the B2C and B2B financial products sector.

Her visionary leadership and expertise in digital marketing and strategic growth have solidified her position as an extraordinary digital consultant. Montserrat has a unique talent for creating solid digital infrastructures and governance, employing business intelligence (BI) tools to make informed decisions, distinguishing her from others. She facilitates organizations to react promptly to market shifts and leverage emerging prospects.

“My journey in digital marketing has constantly been evolving, from organizing events in my youth to leading digital sales and growth teams for major corporations. It’s about adapting and embracing change,” Montserrat shares.

As the CEO & co-founder of Balloon Consulting, this company is specializing in digital platform implementation. Balloon leverages technology to build growth and online acquisition models, optimize campaign investments, and enhance digital sales, ensuring sustainable business growth.

Balloon’s approach involves implementing disruptive technologies to maximize data understanding and campaign performance. With offices in the United States and Mexico, Balloon’s talented team caters to finance, fintech, travel, retail, consumer, health, and education industries.

“Transitioning from a corporate role to becoming a business owner requires a shift in mindset and the ability to choose the right talent, permeate industry needs, and listen to market demands outside the organization,” Montserrat emphasizes.

Montserrat envisions expanding Balloon into industries like travel, retail, and consumption in the USA. Simultaneously, her project, Connistic, aims to raise funds for evolving its digital platform, pioneering the integration of mind and spirit healing tools for a holistic experience.

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