Alex Fellenz, A Pursuit To Wealth That Lead Him To Leading The Advertising Industry. Our Generation’s Best Social Media Marketer? Definitely Considerable

Alex Fellenz went down multiple pathways to become the businessman that he is today. From working minimum wage jobs to handling multi-million dollar clients, Alex is a great example of what hard work looks like for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this exclusive interview we walk through exactly how a small town kid went from normal, to extraordinary.  

“I am a 26 year old Entrepreneur from Illinois, I was born and raised for most of my life in a small town called Wood Dale in Illinois. I never came from an entrepreneurial  background or a family with means, far from it actually. I started working at 16 years old like most and I bounced  around jobs a lot. I just couldn’t enjoy and see a future with jobs I was at. I probably worked at 10 different places before I was 21 years old, from tinting windows, working at Play it Again sports, being a porter at many car dealerships, Jimmy John’s sandwich delivery.. for 1 hour..You name it, I was probably there. ” Alex recounts.

Alex started to notice people living in luxury and wanted to be like them. What he found as the answer to living this kind of lifestyle was entrepreneurship. He did a few other things along the way but never forgot his passion for finding entrepreneurship and financial freedom. 

“At 19 years old I started to notice how luxurious some people lived, mainly on Instagram as I didn’t know anyone with any sort of major success and financial freedom. As soon as I discovered entrepreneurship, I was always looking to get started in a career to such magnitude. At 21, I started at a job that actually paid me really well. I worked on Chicago Fire, a television show based in Chicago, Illinois. I continued to work on this Television show until the show went on break for a few months, little did i know that was when my real journey began. Just a week into break and I discovered affiliate marketing. 

I dived head first into this affiliate marketing program that was based around online advertising and soon fell in love with it,” Alex states

Now, Alex runs his very own business and has made his dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true. He runs an online advertising business that helps companies from all walks of life and all kinds of businesses succeed. Alex has helped over 200 business owners running their Online Advertisements, creating Websites to Graphic Designing and is responsible for taking many businesses to Multi-Million dollars in revenue. 

Prestige Media Advertising is an online advertising agency that helps businesses make a deep impact online. We help create businesses and existing businesses grow. No matter where you are in your business we can help you, we have probably the most niche based experience compared to most agencies,” Alex says.

After so many years of getting to entrepreneurship and working hard to be successful, it has finally paid off for Alex. He is not only an extremely talented and driven business man but he remains focused on what is next to come for him. 

“Our goals are the same every day, every year. I want to create more happy clients, produce more results on projects and ultimately just keep doing what I’m doing, I love this.   We are so different from other agencies because we focus on customer satisfaction and expectations. We are one of the most innovative agencies for any niche and service. We have worked with so many different types of businesses that ultimately leave us with better outcomes for clients. Our clients have the advantage just by working with us because of our success history,” Alex comments.

Alex continues to showcase his hard work and luxury lifestyle on social media. To find out more about Alex, you can check out his instagram profile here and check out his website here.