Ruben Shan Overcame a Myriad of Obstacles To Get To Where He is Now: Learn More About the Spanish Businessman and Retired Boxer

Ruben Shan is a Spanish businessman, exclusive bodyguard, retired olympic boxer, model, and influencer with almost a million followers on social media.

Today, Ruben focuses on his career as an influencer and his company Concierge VIP, through which he offers exclusive security services to celebrities, building on his own experience as a bodyguard.

Ruben’s road to success has been plagued with some difficulties that he has been able to overcome to get to where he is today. When he was just 9 years old, he suffered a facial paralysis, which other children mocked him for. 

At school, I suffered bullying. This situation was hard but I tried to overcome it as best as I could. The whole thing really crushed me at the time, and a life purpose that I established thanks to that is to be able to help children, young people, and people who suffer from bullying because it is really difficult and I understand that not everyone can develop the strength to overcome it.” Ruben shares.

But that was not all. Ruben lived through near death experiences and also suffered other health repercussions, such as being almost blind due to cement falling in his eyes in an accident or when part of his intestine was perforated in another accident. At the age of 17 he suffered another mishap that could have ended with his life. 

“I suffered from hypokalemia–I had low potassium in my body. As a result, my whole body fell asleep and I was very lucky that my heart didn’t. They gave me a lot of potassium both in my body and in my heart, and in a few days I was able to recover my mobility and everything was just a big scare.” Ruben recounts.

But Ruben’s hardest moment was when he was the bodyguard of a multimillionaire client that was targeted for an attack. To defend his client, Ruben suffered injuries that left him at the hospital for six months.

After this, his doctor predicted he could not return to boxing. But Ruben did not falter. Not only he returned to boxing but he reached the top again to become champion in his division and became part of the Spain olympic team.

I did not want to believe what the doctors told me, and against all odds almost 3 years later I fought again and became champion, and a year later I was signed by the Olympic team. The sport really saved my life.” Ruben states.

But boxing was not the only thing in Ruben’s life. He started in the business world at age 18, when he decided he wanted to be his own boss and not be accountable to someone else or be fighting for someone else’s dreams.

I encourage everyone who has a slight idea to pursue entrepreneurship, to do it because it is worth it. A country is not built only with civil servants, a country is built with entrepreneurs who take the risk.” He says.

Ruben is currently dedicated to his Concierge VIP business and his career as an influencer. In his Concierge VIP business, he interacts with very important people: Hollywood stars, Russian tycoons, and millionaires from all over the world.

Throughout his career as a bodyguard, Ruben has provided services to Kate Hudson, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Georges St-Pierre, and many more.

Loyalty goes above anything else. I am extremely discreet with my clients. In a business like mine, it is a fundamental requirement. When a specific client for whom I feel a great appreciation asks me to be his bodyguard, I do it exceptionally. I am hermetic and I give my life for my clients.” Ruben explain.

But Ruben also stands out as a model in magazines of great renown such as Primera Línea or Shanghái. And he shares through his social media what he has learned from all the different ventures in his life.

“I share with my followers what helped me fulfill my dream: sacrifice, discipline, effort and passion for what you do.” Ruben adds.

Through his social media, Ruben likes to share his values, his stories of personal improvement, his philosophy of life, and anything else he thinks could inspire others. He also recommends lifestyle products or plans that work for him. This is also what he is doing with his first autobiographical book, which will be published soon. 

In the near future, Ruben is focusing on continuing to expand his business. He also wants to travel with his partner to many orphanages in the world to provide children with food, clothing and give them boxing lessons, while also sharing his story to inspire them. 

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