Join Julianne Vaccaro’s Pu$$y Empire and embrace your femininity within

Meet the somatic sexologist, Julianne Vaccaro. Julianne is a well rounded entrepreneur that has created her Pussy Empire from the ground up. She now provides spiritual guidance and services for hundreds of clients to soften into their feminine powers, reclaim lost parts of their souls, and remind them of their wholeness.

Julianne started her journey in her late teens where she realized that she wanted to empower like minded females in some way. In her early 20s, she made a large pivot in her life, where she switched from studying fashion design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to general business. By doing so, she had the flexibility to find herself. Later on, she turned down the opportunity to become a Registered Dietitian to instead pursue a career as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This allowed her to have the most flexibility and freedom. Over time, Julianne’s brand exceeded her expectations and transformed into something beautiful. 

Through several masterclasses & offerings, Julianne guides women home to themselves and helps them find safety and pleasure in their body and life. She does so by redefining what femininity means to them, teaching through both lived experience & years of study, and tackling the misconceptions of what it means to be “feminine”. Teaching women about self pleasure, whether through creating physical changes, sexual pleasure, or other pleasures that involve presence in order to use it as a tool to heal the relationship between soul and body.  Julianne helps you unravel the conditioning from social media, the medical system, religion, porn, & marketing, to guide you in reclaiming what being a ‘woman’ means to you.

“Part of awakening our feminine, is remembering the mother, remembering our earth, & coming home to our primal, animal nature. Remembering that we are all of it & none of it. We empower ourselves when we reclaim what it means to be human, this human right here, in this body, without rules, or expectations. Everything changes when we release the identities that no longer serve us & have the courage to listen to our bodies, our intuition, our knowing. This is what it means to be awakened in our feminine.”

Currently, Julianne continues her own journey of self excavation and discovery while helping hundreds of others like minded females reach their full feminine potential. 

To start your journey, check out her website, and follow Julianne on Instagram @juliannevaccaro