Jeremiah Fetta is Bringing Top 1% Financial Solutions to Those Who Normally Wouldn’t Have Access to it.

Many of us are brought up thinking that working a normal nine to five job will help us retire at an early age of 65 with enough money to live off of. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Many people save all of their lives and struggle to make ends meet after retirement and have to go back to work. This is what Jeremiah Fetta found as a financial advisor many years ago when he first started his career.

“I used to be a financial advisor, selling stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. I joined the business at 18 years old and built up a fairly successful company. When I was 24 years old I began realizing that these products weren’t really helping people. I’d have clients come to my office for “retirement planning” and I’d set them up with their portfolio of investments so they can retire at age 60, but I could see they still didn’t understand what money is nor how it works,” Jeremiah explains.

This realization caused Jeremiah to reevaluate his plans. He decided to give away his business and start something new where he would be able to truly help people understand their finances. That is when he decided to open up his current business: Wealth DynamX.

“I run a company called Wealth DynamX. We help families become financially educated and solvent so they can achieve greater financial freedom in life and help spread the truth about money with those around them. We do that by helping people simplify their money so they can keep more of it and use it to build passive income NOW rather than when they’re 60,” Jeremiah remarks.

As Jeremiah details, he found his previous positions in the financial world to be illogical and lacking something. Was it truly beneficial to help someone purchase something they didn’t really understand? He figured he could do more good being on the other side of the table giving people more detailed advice on what kinds of financial steps they should take so that they actually are able to retire at a young age and enjoy life.

“Most people didn’t have money to invest and the places they were putting their money were no good (banks, retirement plans, and other financial gimmicks). I began researching to find out where the wealthy people save money to later invest it, and I found my answer in something I call “The Sacred Account”. It’s a high cash value life insurance policy structured in a certain way. Nationally, banks have over $180 billion in these types of life insurance policies. From here, I began to realize people couldn’t save because they were never educated on money. So I created my platform where we take the financial education of the Top 1% and deliver it to the everyday person,” Jeremiah details.

Jeremiah does not see himself as having much competition in his industry. Instead, he focuses on the fact that his business is centered around helping people and making a difference in their lives, so that more people can experience financial freedom.

“I really don’t have competition. Other “Mainstream” financial companies are out there selling retail financial products. I’m actually helping people achieve financial solvency and freedom. In instances where I am “competing” against another company it is the equivalent of me bringing a gun to a knife fight. The average financial company has no idea the strategies I use even exist,” Jeremiah states.

And Jeremiah isn’t going anywhere! In fact, his business is working on expanding in the next few months of 2021 in order to be able to serve even more families across the country.

“In about 6 months from now I’ll have personally achieved financial freedom, meaning I have passive income from investments that exceed my savings, expenses, and taxes. Which means I won’t be working in my business for personal gain. I will be solely focused on expanding and serving as many families as we possibly can,” Jeremiah says.

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