Adam Jablin Wants People to Take a Leap of Faith in Order to Get Over their Addictions with His New Approach to Treating Addiction

Meditation, thoughtful routines, exercising, and eating right can help with a lot of different problems in life. Whether it is trying to live a more healthy life, learning how to get through the difficulties of the pandemic, or trying to find a better balance in life, these tactics can help make a difference in a number of ways. However, many people don’t think of them as being able to help stem problems with addiction and other bad habits. This is where Adam Jablin comes in.

Adam Jablin is the founder of the Hero Project, which is a coaching program that helps people break free from addictions and other ailments. This, along with the Hero 7 Project which is an online course, are two of Adam’s biggest accomplishments.

“THE HERO PROJECT is the #1 best selling transformational program that is tailored individually for each client to break free from–addictions, faulty dependencies, fears, doubt, anxiety and into the solution of their problems to live their best lives. I show them the way out and into the light! On every Hero’s journey there’s a teacher, a mentor, a MASTER. That’s my role. ” Adam explains.

For Adam, success in his programs is all about overcoming adversity to reach greatness. Do that, however, you have to be able to be uncomfortable. This is what he teaches in his programs to help people overcome whatever difficulties they have encountered.

“For me, I believe to overcome adversity and take that step on to greatness, I have to LEAN IN to the pain. Lean into the uncomfort. Have difficult conversations and moments. Learn to get uncomfortable. This is what My Coaching–The Hero Project is ALL ABOUT. First thing I do is sit with it for a bit. Process what is really happening in my life. Next, I’ll share with my mentor and/or close friends. Now I have cut the problem in half. After that I will lay out a plan of action on how to work through the adversity! Notice I said the word THROUGH,” Adam remarks.

However, this is not the easiest thing for everyone to do, so Adam tells all of his pupils that they have to trust themselves and take that leap of faith in order to accomplish big things. He also says that you need to be willing to finish your goals just as much as you are willing to start them.

“The main thing I do is look at how far I have come from my deep dark past. I see how I got through those tough times, mentally, spiritually and physically. It takes a LEAP OF FAITH, so we can grow. Break Free. Get Stronger. Surrender and become the HERO of our own journey! SEE THINGS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Be a good finisher–not a good starter!” Adam exclaims.

Adam is continuing to do what he does best and assist more people in whatever is hurting them. To find out more about Adam, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.