A Social Media Influencer and Branding Expert, Petro Clips is Much More than Meets the Eye

Stephen Petrosino, better known as Petro Clips, was abruptly catapulted to fame. Though his occupation had put him in contact with a number of famous people, it wasn’t until a video of him on social media that he got his first true experience of fame.

“I Started as a celebrity barber working with many different music artists but not only including famous influencers like Fatboy SSE, The Shiggy Show and the infamous 6ix9ine. Three years ago, I had posted a video on my Facebook account that catapulted me into the spotlight at the ripe age of 25. Currently, the viral video sits at 11 million views. Through comedy and dancing, I have now acquired over 250k followers on IG, 1.7 Million on Tik Tok and 280k on facebook. I have also been on tv in a commercial with Twisted Tea that aired last year,” Stephen recounts.

This video not only helped Petro Clips become an influencer and important figure in the world of social media, but it also sprouted a new business for Petro Clips: social media branding and influencing. However, if you think this is all to Petro Clips’ story, you would be wrong! In addition to all of the work he does in the social media world, he also owns a business selling different apparel.

“The type of business I run and brand myself as is a social media influencer as well as showing my talents in my personal life as a barber which is one of my passions. Furthermore I sell merch on my own website; Petroclips.com. I sell t-shirts, hats and also women’s clothing like shorts and women’s tank tops. Also make money through promotions for businesses and sponsorships as an influencer on my platforms,” Stephen states.

What motivates Petro Clips to continue on making content and getting his brand out there even more are the people and fans he interacts with on a daily basis. Constantly making videos and reals and other posts is tiring for even the average person let alone someone who does it full time, but for Petro Clips it is all worth it in the end because of the connections he is making.

“Being in the entertainment industry has been a new self-reflective journey for me. What makes me appreciate being involved in the industry is seeing the smiles and heart warming comments of how my videos bring joy to people’s lives. Now I enjoy new challenges and things that stimulate my mind to create great content and merchandise for my supporters,” Stephen comments.

Petro Clips has continued to find success in this business because of his love of people and because of his respect for his fellow content creators and social media influencers. He does not see them as competitors, but rather as others that are inspiring people as he is as well. He knows that they are not competing amongst themselves, but rather all have their own goals in mind.

“I do not look at other creators as “competition”. I enjoy staying to myself and being in my own influence. I have my own journey and everything will happen at my own pace. I know what my goals are and I don’t worry about what anyone else is doing,” Stephen details.

Though he can’t be specific on what plans he has in the coming year, Petro Clips has said that he has numerous exciting projects coming up. To make sure you don’t miss out, follow him on Instagram here and tiktok here.