Transformation in IT Hiring: Mateo Burgos and Meeteam’s Innovative Proposal for the Global Market

Mateo Burgos Castillo is the CEO of Meeteam, the largest platform for hiring senior IT talent in Latin America, connecting talent with companies in the United States within 24 hours.

Mateo was born in Manizales, Colombia, into a hardworking and entrepreneurial family. His mother was the first female taxi driver in his hometown 30 years ago, and his father was a pioneer in bringing cable television to Manizales. From a young age, Mateo knew he wanted to start a business.

At 15, Mateo was already a tireless entrepreneur, beginning in the nightlife entertainment industry. He opened clubs in Manizales’ nightlife district and organized events with international artists. 

Mateo’s motivation to create Meeteam arose over a decade ago when he observed the significant development of the tech industry in the United States and the challenge of finding local tech talent to develop software.

I realized that Latin American tech talent is excellent and that, thanks to good methodologies, clients achieved their planned objectives when hiring. Seeing all the potential we had was a great motivation, especially knowing that we are making life easier for companies worldwide, helping them achieve their goals and grow thanks to our talent,” Mateo notes.

To launch his idea, Mateo consulted with experts and market analysts to evaluate his business proposal. Despite the challenges, he was convinced that he could connect the best Latin American talent with tech companies in the United States.

We have over 50,000 qualified candidates, mostly senior and bilingual. Today, we connect the best talent with companies worldwide. Our network includes engineers specialized in various technologies such as Frontend, Backend, FullStack, Mobile, Cloud Services, DevOps, Databases, Quality Assurance, Data Science, UX/UI Design,” says Mateo.

Mateo’s advise for those trying to start their own business includes being very clear about the purpose behind the business. Not only knowing what problem the business is trying to tackle, but also why you are choosing to solve that issue.

When reflecting about challenges of starting and managing businesses, Mateo says:

Starting a business has two paths: the easy one and the hard one. The easy one is convincing people to believe in you, help financially, and provide knowledge. It is very positive, but some of us have to take the hard path, which is trying to survive without external help. Learning and resilience play a crucial role, and we must understand that everything is a risk, and one of the greatest possibilities is losing, but over time we understand that losing is the greatest gain. The only way to learn quickly is by making mistakes and correcting them to become experts. That is the university of life.”

What sets Meeteam apart from its competitors is having the platform with the largest number of verified senior tech candidates in Latin America. Mateo’s vision is to make Meeteam the world’s largest platform connecting IT and non-IT talent from Latin America within 24 hours with companies globally. 

We will continue to showcase our work to people, companies, and large industries to collaborate with those who need to hire good talent,” expresses Mateo.

If you are looking for qualified and experienced tech talent for your company, do not hesitate to contact Meeteam. Mateo and his team are ready to connect you with the best professionals from Latin America in record time.