Training, Boarding, Grooming, Day Care and Much More: Discover All the Services that All Dogs Unleashed Provides

Anatole France once said that until you have loved an animal, part of your soul will have remained dormant. And he was so right. Brian Claeys understood this long ago and is now the successful co-founder of All Dogs Unleashed, a dog training facility that offers all the same features of a pet resort. Their philosophy is to create clear communications between dogs and owners. They know the importance of the bond between dogs and families so they work to create a positive impact on their relationship.

Brian started his career in the sales business in 1998 and he stayed there until he understood that he was never safe in corporate America. He wanted to own a business, just like his father, so he called his best friend Travis and they agreed to the idea of starting a business together.

“We both grew up having trained dogs and were excited to get started. We both have great sales skills and go over the top with how well we like to treat our customers. My parents working so hard my whole life were an inspiration and I am so blessed to be able to take this journey with my best friend”, Brian shares.

 All Dogs Unleashed is not the typical training facility. They find their customers, help them with their training needs and then they become a lifelong partner with them and their pets. That way, they know the customers will come back for more. Also, they designed all the aspects of their training programs and services in order to make the relationship between dog and owners more fulfilling. The company offers a safe environment, proven results and extensively trained trainers.

Customers love the excellent quality and care they offer their pets, that is why the company has had significant success in recent years. They began to sell license agreements and they’ve helped others make a career following the same system. All Dogs Unleashed franchised in 2021 so now they’re helping other business owners achieve the same success they have reached. Also, they have managed to stand out from other similar businesses.

“From a dog training point of view we stay clear of what we call reactive training. This means your dog does something when you react .When you reactivate the dog knows now that if you are not around it’s not a big deal…you are the problem. We help teach the dog to teach themselves what not to do. From a business standpoint we are the most organized dog trainers you will come across. We make dog training simple for humans so that you can have a better relationship with you and your dog”, Brian explains.

Claeys knows that creating a successful business is not always easy. He and his partner have dealt with funding problems and they’ve had hard times trusting the wrong people, but they continued moving forward and now they own a successful and profitable business. 

2022 has been an amazing year for All Dogs Unleashed and they’re also working on some exciting projects for the business, such as adding more locations that will be corporate stores too and working on more website updates. They’re also in construction for their Shreveport location, which will be completed in the next few months, and have offers on properties in Oklahoma City.

I give everyone the same advice when it comes to starting a business. First is don’t listen to anyone who is not doing what you are doing successfully. Find someone who is doing it successfully and then get as much as you can from them. Never stop learning and growing. As you grow the information that you are looking for will change because every person starting their own business grows to wearing different hats in their career. Do not stop learning or adapting”, Brian advises.

To find out more about All Dogs Unleashed check out their website here