The Mattress Plug Was Born during the worldwide Pandemic when Normal Mattress Stores Closed to the Public. Its Differences from your Normal Mattress Stores are What Made it Survive after Covid. Find Out more Below

Mattresses are an essential household item. Whether you know a lot or a little about what makes a good mattress, what everyone can appreciate is that they are key to a good night’s sleep. However, while mattresses are crucial, they are also incredibly pricey and can be a hassle. This is where the Mattress Plug comes in.

The Mattress Plug came out of the pandemic as stores around the country and around the world closed their doors due to fears of infections. The Mattress Plug offered a different kind of solution to finding a mattress even during the toughest parts of the last few years.

Thanks to the pandemic TMP was born. Since we sold wholesale mattresses and all the stores closed, we basically were out of business since they were the ones giving us business. We needed a platform where we could sell mattresses without any physical contact. We launched The Mattress Plug, a locally owned website where consumers can visit and pay half the cost of what they would be paying in a big name brand retail store. We’ve been open ever since,” Founder of TMP, Jr, explains.

What makes the Mattress Plug different from other companies in the world of mattresses is that we are getting rid of the middle man in the process, the ability to be factory direct gives us more flexibility in creating a mattress that will fit the needs of our customer!

“From the factory, to your home”. We can make the mattress to your liking as opposed to a mattress store where you can only buy what they have. Some mattress stores don’t have a return policy. We have a risk free trial and if customers don’t like it we will refund them their money. Not to mention with us, you’ll easily pay half of what big name brand retail stores sell their mattresses for,” Jr states.

Jr himself grew up around the business of mattresses. His parents both had a profound impact on his life growing up, but in particular, he remembers building mattresses with his dad which created his passion for the business he now owns.

“I have been building mattresses with dad since I was 12. I wanted to help him and I saw that instead of running a business, the business was running him. He did not want to change his mindset and work on the business instead of in it. We would have to be the ones there all day everyday. It was hard growing the business that way because basically we did all the manual labor ourselves. It was difficult finding clients and networks without being able to step out and visit them because if we did there wouldn’t be anyone to fill our shoes, since we did all the work,” Jr says.

Although he and his dad didn’t see eye to eye for awhile, eventually his dad came to the realization that Jr was right in the way he wanted to create a mattress business. After getting the full reins, Jr created the Mattress Plug and the rest is history!

Jr’s advice to all of those who want to step into the world of business is to find your niche and go for it!

There’s a saying in Spanish, “Para todos sale el sol” it means: The sun shines for everyone. Find a problem or need, find a way to fix it or service it and you’ll get paid,” Jr details.

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