The Best Business Is The One That You Are Passionate About and Joli Faire Hair Is The Perfect Example

Kerry-Ann Collins, better known as Chiney K, runs a hair and beauty company called Joli Faire Hair. She started the business while in college and at the time was dedicated to selling hair extensions; however, she was inspired by her younger sister’s journey with her hair while using natural products. As she set on her own natural hair journey, she found a fantastic oil in India, which changed both her hair and life forever. 

“I now sell that oil, as I am committed to helping others, not only make the transition to their natural hair easier, but have a less frustrating journey, with a product that not only improves the appearance of one’s hair but has other great benefits,” Chiney K explains. 

Joli Faire is now an e-commerce company that is distributed throughout the United States and internationally. It’s available Islandwide in Jamaica in most beauty stores and pharmacies. Chiney K is in the process of building out the brand further, which will include a full haircare line, as well as beauty products. To this day, its most popular item is the Joli Faire Organic Hair-Growth Oil, which is constantly under popular demand. 

“Being inspired by my sister’s transition into embracing her natural hair inspired me to do the same. It was in my sister’s transition that I became inspired and interested in products that not only enhanced the look of my natural hair but also provided other benefits like improving the overall health of my hair and scalp,” Chiney K says. 

Chiney K is not just a business owner, but she is also a social media personality. Coming to the U.S. as a Jamaican immigrant, she always felt somewhat different, but found ways to express her uniqueness through creative projects. She bought her first camera in College and began creating content. Now, she is known as a Media Host and Social Influencer, which has helped with the growth and interest of her brand. Aside from appealing to Chiney K’s followers on social media, she always strives to ensure that her Joli Faire customers are getting a high quality product, which makes the company stand out among other competitors. 

Chiney K recognizes that starting a business is not an easy process, as it doesn’t provide any instant gratification and requires a lot of sacrifice. This is why she believes that mindset is a key factor in one’s success. She believes that while most people have had at least one idea that they thought could be developed into a successful business, not everyone has the patience or willpower to follow through. In fact, Chiney K states:

“They’ve probably even written that thought or idea down, however there is a certain level of patience, know-how, and persistence that is necessary to even get started. Once you get started, the real work actually begins, so the mindset that you are in this for the long haul, no matter how futile your efforts seem, is absolutely necessary.” 

While obstacles are constant and will always be a part of one’s journey, what matters the most is how you face and overcome them. From people not believing in her talent to having people steal from her business, Chiney K has overcome these challenges and has grown as both a person and business owner throughout the process. As she shares, 

“Having a business is a long term commitment and, like personal upkeep, I had to work on it each day to see results, and sometimes despite my best efforts, there may be no results, but you just have to keep going. If you’re not in it for the long haul, long hours, sleepless nights, tears and frustration don’t do it!”

Currently, Chiney K’s main focus is on building out and expanding the Joli Faire Brand. As such, she is actively working on building out the haircare line that will include products such as shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in products. Chiney K will also be launching Joli Faire Beauty, which will include skincare products, as well as a line of beauty products such as lipsticks. 

“There are no limits on where I plan on taking my brand. Even though we are still somewhat in a pandemic, it’s full speed ahead for me,” says Chiney K. 

Learn more about Chiney K by following her on Instagram here. You can also find Joli Faire Hair products by following this link to their website.