Steven Hooley Is Working With Young Entrepreneur All Over The World And Teaching Them How To Achieve Financial Freedom

Steven Hooley was a computer whiz by age 7. Unlike many of us, he took an immediate interest in computers and technology and began working with them to perform different functions even going so far as to create his own intelligent computer.

“I found my calling with computers when my grandfather started introducing me to them at 4. I wrote my first “Jarvis” like the movie ‘Iron Man’ when I was about 7-8. It wasn’t AI, but I could talk to the computer, and get it to perform different tasks. By 9 years old, I taught myself how to code websites and I made my first website for my elementary school crush. I’m a living example that you can go through some of the worst things in life, and still achieve great things. Statistically, based on where I came from, and what I’ve been through, I shouldn’t exist. The success I’ve experienced just doesn’t usually happen for people who come from where I did. Nevertheless, at 26 I am a multimillionaire. I employ family, and close friends. I give as much as I can, and I am helping the upcoming entrepreneurs succeed in multiple fields,” Steven recounts.

Steven was drawn to computers and desired to change his life after a very difficult childhood. He suffered from many difficult circumstances and went through a lot of trauma at a young age. Despite this, he promised himself that he would make the most of his life to help others and himself.

“I didn’t grow up with a great childhood. When I was 7, I decided I didn’t want to live like I was anymore. It was pretty bad. I also didn’t want to see everybody else struggle so much. I didn’t want to be a victim to my childhood environment or circumstance. So I made myself a promise I would do whatever it took to completely change my future, my (future) children’s future, and my family’s future. That really stuck with me. I’ve always been driven to learn and reach for more. I had a teacher in high school make a quote about me, that “Steven is always learning, but he doesn’t let education get in the way of learning”. 

It wasn’t until I was 16 when I really got the chance to start fulfilling the promise I made to myself. I started going to Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS), which is an early college high school. I would literally walk over to the college campus from 15-18 years old. It was then I realized I could make some extra money capitalizing on my tech skills by making college students websites. Essentially, I could use skills to start earning money instead of working a normal job. I started out by just posting some ads on Craigslist, and eventually it caught on to much more,” Steven remarks.

Now, Steven is running his own SaaS Technology and consulting business. Not everything has been easy for Steven but he has overcome obstacles by sticking to one very important lesson that his many mentors have taught him: being humble.

“My mentors engraved this into my brain, and it more or less saved my life. I got into some tough situations because I let some very clever people manipulate my ego, it almost cost me my business and my life. That sounds a tad bit exaggerated but it’s true. Ego is not your friend, and a good book to teach you this concept  “The ego is the enemy”. Humility is something I practice daily; It’s a powerful virtue. Another big one for me was getting comfortable with loss. Losing people was so hard for me along the journey. Learning to lose money is hard enough, but you can get used to it. At first it’s going to get you all excited to make money, and you’ll experience a roller coaster if you allow it. Don’t let money invoke emotions. Be pretty emotionless when it comes to making or losing money. And experience will teach you this. But In all honesty, losing people is harder. I lost some of the closest people I never thought I would. Close friends, and family members. Going into 2021, I lost the marriage I fought really hard for. I’m really big on family so that was a big one for me. But I’ve learned that you have to see things from multiple perspectives. You have to keep yourself out of your reptile (survival) brain and stay focused on the big picture of things. You can’t let temporary moments or seasons get in the way of your master plan. You’re going to have to be okay with losing, and bouncing back if you want to succeed. Some of my biggest wins came from coming back from what looked like huge failures at the time. I learned that I don’t really fail, I just learn lessons,” Steven states.

For the new year, Steven has a lot of great projects planned. He details them below.

“We have soooo many exciting projects lined up. Softwares, apps. And more. We are innovating in multiple industries from real estate, to DJ/Music, Sports, Trading, Crypto, brand apps, e-commerce, education, mentoring and more. We can create in any industry for pretty much any company. Our business model is astonishing. I wish we could talk more in depth about the projects but unfortunately we can’t. But what I can tell you is that if you have an idea for a project or app, or you know somebody who does, then come talk to us. If we decide to take on the project, we will cut you in on the deal long term.” Steven says.

Steven also recently started a foundation called the “Steven Hooley Legacy Foundation” where he aims to help under-privileged youth by giving them education, resources, and opportunities they might not otherwise get. He plans on educating the, in areas like finance, business, technology, entrepreneurship, and more. 

“I believe that regardless of my past, I’ve been very blessed. My future looks amazing. I want to give back, and make an impact on the world. I’ve seen a lot of the world, and while some of it is incredible, much of it isn’t great. I strongly believe the way to change things for the better, is to start with the youth. Many of them need more education in some important areas, and a lot of it you won’t learn in school. Whether you believe this or not there are so many things school can’t or won’t teach you. But I have a network of people who can. I was once an under-privileged kid who was lucky to receive some guidance here and there, as well as some great opportunities. I want to bring all of that to as many as I can. I hope I can count on everybody who reads this to join me in that effort!”

To find out more about Steven, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here. To check out how you can help him on his mission to impact youth, click here.