Real Estate Entrepreneur Jeff Corriolan Shares His Secret to Making Your First Million

Just one look at entrepreneur Jeff Corriolan, and you know you’re dealing with someone who lives and breathes real estate. Now the head of the prestigious JC Sales Team, Jeff started flipping houses at just nineteen years old, climbing his way to the top of a real estate empire one step at a time. Jeff continued to grow his own team alongside him, eventually hiring fifteen real estate veterans to help JC reach even more clients. JC Sales Team’s portfolio now includes hundreds of owners and buyers across South Florida, servicing the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach markets. With nearly $35 million in production this year alone, it comes as no surprise that Jeff has been labeled one of South Florida’s hottest real estate investors.

“Helping my clients find the best deal for their home is what gets me out of the bed in the morning,” Jeff shares. “No matter the market or the clientele, I differentiate myself by offering best-in-class service to everyone I work with. The real estate game can be incredibly taxing – especially for first-time home buyers – so my team focuses on walking our clients through every step of the process until they are satisfied with the final outcome.”

Jeff’s deep-rooted experience came at the cost of years of hard work, however, and Jeff certainly did not get into the game with the same level of experience he shares with his clients today. Jeff faced several major setbacks early on in his career, and had to navigate the stormy waters of unreliable owners and shady middlemen before getting his company fully off of the ground. Yet starting with next to nothing helped Jeff learn several valuable lessons that most real estate professionals take years to learn; how to persevere and grow a business, while always putting his customers ahead of himself. Taken together, these experiences lent Jeff the skillset he needed to tackle the South Florida housing market head on.

“I never had an interest in real estate growing up,” Jeff remembers. “My parents told me to get into it at the age of 18 and that was a flat out ‘NO,’ only to turn around and jump in at the age of 19, once a good friend convinced me to go into the business. As of today, my motivation comes from the relationships I am able to build from my clients, customers, and colleagues. To put someone into a home for the first time or to see their dreams truly be accomplished; that is what my vision is really all about.”

Jeff’s vision isn’t all sales talk either; Jeff and the JC Sales Team have helped their clients realize sale increases of $20,000-50,000 for their homes! By leaning into the explosive growth in sunbelt home buying, as well as the swell of pandemic-fueled exodus from major cities, Jeff has been able to help sellers regularly achieve above market rates for their properties. On the buyers side, Jeff’s team of JC Sales agents has also helped clients see significant savings by negotiating prices on their behalf, and by working with each buyer on an individual level to ensure their budget and timelines are consistently met.

“As a business owner, the biggest challenge you face is finding customers and understanding where and how to market. Understand that you will need to be not only the CEO, but the CFO, CTO, COO, and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). If you aren’t clear with your objectives from the outset, it’s easy to get lost catering to someone else’s schedule and needs. Focus on one thing at a time and on giving that first customer an experience they won’t forget.”

In the coming year, Jeff and his team expect to open operations in several new locales, while expanding the overall portfolio and sales team. As their year closes out with more than $35 million in production, JC Sales Team has been fingered as one of the top competitors in the cutthroat South Florida housing space. Jeff’s leadership experience and deep knowledge of the real estate market have helped elevate his team to the next level of professional service, committing himself and his entire team to top-notch customer service at all ends of the spectrum. Whether working with buyers, sellers, or other real estate professionals, JC Sale Team is sure to help you close the best deal possible!

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