PR para Todos by Andrea Liévano: LATAM Startups Marketing Agency of Choice is Revolutionizing the Industry 

Andrea Liévano is the CEO and founder of PR para Todos (PR for Everyone, in English), a public relations company with more than 12 years of experience and presence in more than 8 countries in Latin America.

Andrea’s story did not begin with her wanting to be a businesswoman. She studied fashion design and worked in an important magazine in Colombia, but she helped her university friends to be published. This sparked a passion in her and decided to quit her job and start her entrepreneurship.

Back then, PR and branding was not as globally recognized as today, so Andrea began from scratch and followed her instincts. Her brand was called Aliévano PR and with the years it transformed into PR para Todos, a compilation of everything she and her team learned in their  years of experience. The company has 4 business lines:

  1. Agency: develops strategies and manages budgets for enterprises and personal brands as well. 
  2. PR Placement: connects PR experts with companies that already have a strategy, but need professionals that can execute it.
  3. Consulting: helps companies, from multinationals to outpersonals, to develop PR strategies either to meet their KPIs or to develop them from scratch.
  4. Education: executes free PR courses to people who don’t have access to paid ones, in alliance with organizations, governments, accelerators and universities. 

Since the internet and social media was invented, PR took a different spin. Now it’s not something only accessible to those with economic resources; all can know PR if they have the tools, a good methodology and time. Information can be accessed easier. This is why in 2018 they decided to “make PR democratic and take off its tie”.

“As time passes, PR and marketing are focused to reach a specific niche, as Seth Golding says one must not be visible to everyone but to our tribes. In 2018 we were nominated to the Portfolio Awards for innovation in our educational program, and today we want to participate in the final democratization. In our platform bosses and verified press can connect with enterprises for all sizes with a designed strategy to make themselves visible to all communications media. We help press bosses commercing their talents so they can have new clients”, shares Andrea.

Andrea has introduced great new things in the world of marketing, which is why she was awarded the Woman to Watch 2021, Guinness Record winner and EXMA speaker.  Now, after being the agency for startups in Latin America, she wants to open in the US to support startups and expand their PR knowledge to more places and people.

To get here, Andrea had to overcome being bankrupt, start again from zero and connect again with her public to continue fulfilling her life’s and her company’s purpose. Her wish is to become an inspiration to women entrepreneurs, to show that you can run a big company if you work hard and honestly. Andrea is definitely not far from that.

“We want to change the world of marketing, set aside egos and start working towards the growth of startups giving visibility to the clients and PR’s. Some call them competition, but I see it as a challenge to change the mindset of the industry if we believe that if one grows then we all grow and can provide work for everyone”, comments Andrea.

PR para Todos continues on its mission to educate and support companies to grow, create more job posts and therefore, generate a circular economy where we all benefit.