Musa the Mental Mechanic Knows What Rock Bottom Feels Like. His Goal is to Help Others In Their Personal and Professional Lives to Achieve More Than they Thought They Were Capable Of.

Fear is a very powerful driving factor. Whether it is motivating you to do or not to do something, fear makes people act in very different and sometimes incredible ways. However, more often than not, fear is a roadblock; it prevents us from being able to accomplish what we need to because of a past experience that has elicited this negative emotion. That is where Leonardo Cavalli, better known as Musa the Mental Mechanic, comes in.

“What makes me unique is my ability to connect with different types of people through the power of overcoming fear. I’m an author, artist, motivational speaker and life coach. I’ve been called one of the most transparent authors in the world by several critics that have read my work. I’m not afraid of feeling my feelings or looking the truth in the face even when it’s ugly. Many people avoid talking about their failure to paint a false perception that they have always had it together. Not me, I care more about helping people than protecting myself from getting humiliated. People can relate to my failures, but admire me for my ability to bounce back.  I’ve literally lost everything I’ve owned over 10 years ago and slowly climbed back up the cruel corporate ladder in the flames and rain and paid my dues,” MUSA explains.

Musa became a coach unlike any other. His goal is to level up people’s person or professional life by helping them get over what scares them the most. However, he is not just some get rich quick scheme trying to take advantage of people’s inner problems. He is someone who has put in the work himself and has come out the other side knowing what we all can be capable of if we push past our boundaries.

“I run a coaching personal development business! My clientele consists of people that want to take their life, business or both simultaneously to the next level. Many of us have limiting beliefs so I help people identify them and replace those beliefs with new ones,” Musa  states.

In fact, Musa went even further than just wanting people to conquer their fears! He wants people to be genuinely happy and ready to tackle any challenge without feeling the hesitancy or trepidation of fear.

“I was inspired by the fact that I genuinely just want to see people happy. Success is living YOUR best life. Success is accomplishing goals that you set for yourself. Everyone has different goals and dreams in life, so if a person hits the target in their own life, they are a success to me. I’ve been through so many dark times in my life and almost gave up on life. I’m so glad that I didn’t end my life, because so many of the best days of my life came after some of the worst ones. I want to help people get out of their funk. I want to help people reach their goals that bring excitement to their life again,” Musa recalls.

Continuing on his quest to make sure that people find true happiness by overcoming their fears, Musa has big plans for the start of the new year. Since releasing his book, he is also starting a new line of luxury clothing as well. He details it all below:

“Now that I have just released my new book Forever Fearless I am releasing my luxury clothing line Forever Fearless Fashion. It will remind people to make the most of each day and to keep striving toward their dreams with courage. It will inspire people to not just be dreamers but be doers.”

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