Meet Brandon Young of Young Management & Consulting: Balancing Life, Work, and Community

It’s no surprise that 2020 brought changes to many aspects of our lives. For Brandon Young, he was fortunate to see a good deal of positive change in his business, Young Management & Consulting. In fact, some could call 2020 their breakthrough year, after being in business for five years at that point.

Young Management and Consulting provides services in many sectors, such as technology, energy, construction, and gas, to name a few. In these industries, they work with clients to provide project and construction management, especially in the energy sector. In the technology field, they work to also provide PMO constructions management services and owner engineering overview. 

While Brandon is able to give so much to his clients through his company’s services, he’s also able to get a lot back from it for his own growth, personal development, and perspective. 

“My company has allowed me to see the bigger picture, and most of all, the importance of helping others and giving back. My responsibility has increased, and therefore I want to add value to my professional and personal life, in addition to the need to represent a diverse business. Running this business made me realize that I have to raise the bar as I am a voice for many,” Brandon says. 

His business, though professional, also affects Brandon in his personal life. He consistently needs to remind himself to find and maintain his work life balance, a struggle many of us experience daily. Currently, Brandon has family members working in his company, which can further blur that line. 

“Working with family brought us closer, but sometimes the switch is never turned off when it comes to talking about work. As a small business, you have to wear many hats. You have to split your time evenly between your business and personal lives. Remember to allocate the timing to what’s important at that time, as there are times where my personal life may have to take a back seat at times when it comes to business. I do a great job of turning it off, as after practicing for years, now I know it’s a matter of saying no,” Brandon outlines. 

Brandon is clearly an integral part of his business, as the CEO and founder. He is acutely aware of the importance of personnel in business. Presently, the team at Young Management and Consulting is not completely built out. While this does make managing a business difficult, Brandon admits that he would rather keep his standards high than settle for team members that do not share the same dreams for the company, 

“People are the number one asset next to clients. Finding individuals with a complex skill set is limited in the workforce. It’s challenging to find the right profile and team member. There is limited talent. Motivation hasn’t been challenging, finding someone who thinks like me is challenging. It’s hard to find someone dedicated to your teams as you are. Everyone on my team shares the common goal to succeed for the company,” Brandon remarks. 

In the coming year, Brandon is looking forward to continuing to add value to his customers, add more staff, and projects to his team. While he’ll be building out his company to company network, he is equally working to give back to the community as much as he can. 

“My ultimate goal for the company is to be a key provider to big companies, but a small company currently within ourselves. I have always been motivated, and I’m always excited when it comes to my business. I’ve had experiences in my life that made me never want to give up or go back, but to keep moving forward instead,” Brandon says.

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