Klaleh Parker Started 1000 Professionals In Las Vegas NV, And Quickly Became The Go To Person For Professionals Looking To Monetize Their Skills. Reference: Find Out More About The Entrepreneur And Businesswoman Behind It

Despite how people sometimes perceive the environment around them, that is, negatively or positively, there will always be people who feel the need or even the passion to help others. They are the people focused on wanting to improve others’ lives.

Klaleh Parker is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, marketing expert, real estate investor, and fashion lover who has always had a passion for helping others. During her junior year at Hampton University, she entered corporate America working for a top-performing company in the market.

With the passing of the years and her accumulated experience, Klaleh decided to open her first high maintenance boutique in Virginia, which became a reference at that time. After her success, she opened two high maintenance boutiques in her hometown. 

Through her CBD sales, marketing business, and health and wellness-based organization, Klaleh has developed the tools necessary to empower others by teaching them skills to be successful and healthy. 

“I was inspired to join the industry of CBD health and wellness because they are very prominent industries and I felt it would give my clients the best opportunities.” Klaleh says.

Having traveled a path where she has already reaped success, Klaleh advises those who want to start their own business to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and to always keep a positive mindset.

Be clear about your vision. Make sure you have a product or service that can change people’s lives. Mindset is the most important thing because it fuels your belief.” She adds.

After working in various industries and developing successful businesses, Klaleh is able to identify obstacles that must be overcome in the path to success. For some these obstacles may be economic or personal.

The biggest obstacle I have overcome is to be transparent. Many times we are not transparent for fear of being judged. However, by being transparent, I have found the freedom to be true to myself along with being a more impactful leader to others.” Klaleh explains.

Klaleh differentiates herself from her competitors by the fact that she is continuously in an educational process in order to bring more value to her company and consequently to her customers.

In the upcoming years, Klaleh’s goals include globally impacting a thousand professionals, and that way continue to help others.
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