Inspiring the Youth and Supporting Their Teachers: Meet the The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC

Our time in school are some of the most important years of our lives, but they require hard work, motivation, and passion. The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC is an educational consulting firm that has worked with hundreds of schools both nationally and internationally. As a company, they support schools and students with top rated motivational speakers brought into schools to inspire students with a down to earth attitude and powerful presentations. 

Around the country, schools invite The Jeremy Anderson Group to train and motivate their teachers, leaving educators emotionally and professionally inspired. Those working for the company have each had teachers that left positive life changing influences on them, solidifying their belief that teachers are some of the true heroes working today. 

Jeremy Anderson, founder and CEO, has been said by many that he is gifted with the ability to touch the hearts and minds of his audiences. 

“It’s a regular occurrence to look in the audience and see students in tears as my story and message reaches their souls. My message of overcoming adversity, the power of hard work, and taking ownership is one that students respect and can relate to. I love to set really high goals for myself, so in 2018 I set a goal to reach and inspire 1 million students. That year I traveled like never before, and by December the goal was met!” Jeremy says. 

After reaching their 2018 goal to inspire one million students, The Jeremy Anderson Group set a new 2019 goal: reaching one million teachers. Soon, that goal was also accomplished as the company traveled the country visiting teachers, as well as sending several teachers on an all expense paid vacation with Royal Caribbean, giving them the time and space to relax, realign themselves, and be rewarded for all the hard and selfless work they do on a daily basis. With all expenses covered, the chance to bring a guest, and a limo to the airport, it’s no surprise that the teachers definitely felt appreciated. 

Beyond inspiring teachers and students on an individual level, The Jeremy Anderson Group also works to build a long lasting and sustainable curriculum that can spread their message long after they have visited the school – or, without ever visiting in person at all. The company has developed a K-12 Character Curriculum called, Next Level Student. The (SEL) Social Emotional Learning Curriculum has been a game changer for schools all across America, giving students the support they need throughout their early and extended education. 

The Jeremy Anderson Group puts particular emphasis on students in underprivileged communities. Jeremy Anderson as the company’s founder understands the importance of supporting students through public speaking and the importance of shifting the underlying, and often outdated, culture in many schools today. Jeremy was motivated by his skill set in public speaking and consulting, but The Jeremy Anderson Group has grown much beyond that. Their messages, programs, and curriculums are changing the direction of countless students’ lives and the future generations to come after them. The Jeremy Anderson Group understands that teachers are often both overworked and underpaid – with their support, they can be the supplementary force needed to support education of the youth.

In the coming year, The Jeremy Anderson Group will be following their recent launch of the Next Level Speakers Academy where they will be training and developing the next generation of public speakers. The Next Level Speakers Academy acknowledges that there are so many gifted and talented people in the world with amazing stories, but they do not know where to start when it comes to how to share these lessons through public speaking. Soon, the Next Level Speakers Academy will be able to support even more students and teachers with the new speakers they are training. 

Be sure to check out the Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC at their website to learn more about what they have to offer to support education.