Inside The Inspiration: A Conversation On Roots and Role Models With Hip Hop Artist $tackz

The workings of an artist’s mind have captured the attention of many as they follow a career. Understanding figures who an artist look’s up to and what drives them serves to provide inspiration and a deeper connection. Recently, Mississippi-based, lyrical hip hop artist $tackz sat down to discuss other artists who inspire him and that which has kept him going during his career. He got into music at the age of 10 through his younger brother CJ who incredibly made him record his first song in their home closet.

$tackz displays a style that he describes as real, authentic, and lyrical and is influenced by the likes of Lil Wayne and The Notorious B.I.G. When asked what artists he wished he could work with, $tackz revealed “Honestly, I wish I could work with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.” Not only has the sound of $tackz’s music been shaped but also the message. Subjects like his brother’s daily battle with Epilepsy and his new project’s discussion of “coming home from doing a year in prison and maintaining a family at the same time” display the realness in his music. This latest work is called “The Come Up 2” and will release October 5th. It will follow the recent music video $tacks dropped for his song “Pop My Sh*t” via YouTube.

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