How This Entrepreneur Goes From Corporate Job To Millionaire’s Dream

When it comes to acquiring something one of the most important things is credit, which dictates much of what the person may or may not buy. When someone has a good credit score, they are better positioned to purchase a car, a house, and many other things. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has enough knowledge about how the credit system works, and so many end up having bad credit and facing obstacles unexpectedly. That is why it is crucial to follow people like Brandon L. Johnson, who runs an online credit improvement company that helps individuals get their life back on track using their credit.

“After 7 years in this industry, I now have over 50 well educated Credit Improvement Experts in over 10 states around the U.S. We serve people in all states in the country by using different social media platforms. We offer a service called the “Success Package” that is one of the most effective ways to help people increase their scores and put them in the best position to be approved for purchases! Thousands of people have gone through our service and been approved for the things they want such as cars, homes, personal and business loans and even funding.” Brandon explains.

Brandon is an entrepreneur who always had a burning desire to have total control over his life. This was not possible in most jobs, so after six years of working a corporate job, he decided to quit and go after his dreams.

I was taught the same as most people, that is, go to school, get an education and get a good job. Well, I tried. I graduated from high school and went to college to get business degrees. But I quickly realized that plan wasn’t going to get me to what I wanted. So I took a chance on myself. After 6 years of working, I quit a corporate job in 2015 and dedicated my time to doing things to better myself and get closer to my dreams.” Brandon says.

For Brandon it was not about how much money he could make and how many things he could afford through his business, it was about having freedom both financially and in general. 

I know that freedom brings peace, joy and happiness and I know there is nothing better than having that in my life.” He states.

While achieving freedom, Brandon has been helping people improve their credit for the last seven years. He realized there would always be people who wanted a new car or a house and had to apply for credit. So there was always a need for credit improvement services.

Moreover, Brandon saw that people no longer just want to be approved for credit, they want to get the best deal they can get, for which their credit scores have to be as high as possible. And Brandon is determined to help them. 

Because of the education and knowledge Brandon has gained in his career path he has set out to meet a goal of helping 1,000 people become six-figure earners to support their families. 

There are a lot of people who want to get to the next level but just need that guidance or, better yet, a coach. A coach who can help them in areas they may not fully understand.” Brandon shares.

To do this, Brandon created a mentoring program through which he teaches people everything he has learned along the way over the past seven years, including the knowledge and experiences that have helped him achieve success.

The program teaches people how to grow a multiple 6 figure and even 7 figure business. It also teaches about finance, investments and of course credit. Students will have access to very experienced people who are in the real estate industry, the tax industry, the financing industry and more.” Brandon explains.

Moving forward, Brandon sees no value in trying to compete with others. Instead he believes it is important to evolve as an individual and as a brand. He does this by always providing a better service that has an impact. Doing that, he has been able to scale his business and brand every year. 

Other upcoming projects include publishing a book titled “$0 to $100K in Personal Financing,” and also creating a “Credit Over Cash” course to continue helping people improve their credit scores.

I’m excited about this because there have been so many things over the years that I’ve learned in the credit industry that haven’t been taught. I’m going to share all the tips and strategies I use to run a successful business.” He adds.

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