How Matt Footner Used The Covid-19 Lockdown As An Opportunity To Change His Life and Build Financial Success

As the fund manager of FX Plus Range, Matthew Footner runs a regulated forex trading fund, all based on AI technology, where investors deposit from $10K upwards into their trading account. No decisions are needed from the investors from thereon, as the AI does all the trading for them. Through this type of trading, all the emotion and stress of deciding when to buy and sell is taken away, as the trades are automated based on the AI’s strategies. 

This business came to fruition partly by mistake. When he started, Matt knew nothing about Forex, trading BOTS, or AI. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Matt was looking for passive income that could help support his family without a reduction in his current lifestyle. As such, he did research and began a business producing individual Forex trading BOTs, all from his kitchen table in Tokyo during the start of lockdown. As he saw the BOTs were producing above high monthly returns, Matt began expanding his outreach until a Global Top 10 Forex brokerage approached him with an idea to regulate the product in a way that would allow people to invest in a fund like structure. This allows for the risk to clients’ capital to be heavily reduced, whilst still producing very attractive returns. 

They launched the fund in January of 2021 with just $90K, and by the end of the month, had $250K invested and returned 22%. Now, they have nearly 5 million USD invested and average returns 21.5% per month since launching. The success of this business has allowed Matt to not just increase his income, but actually be able to leave his 9-5 as a financial advisor and move from East Asia to Europe to focus on building the fund full time. 

“Passive income lifestyle has become a buzz phrase among the younger generation. However, why should it be restricted to the under 30’s? Building a multi million dollar business has never been this easy. I thought I was getting into this to generate a modest passive income, but I’m now able to live my version of a passive income lifestyle (i.e. work from wherever I wish in the world) due to Covid, the internet, and my laptop,” says Matt. 

However, building a business does not come without its challenges. In fact, Matt has realized that finding the right people to partner with is one of the most difficult parts of starting a business. This is why Matt recognizes the importance of a positive mindset throughout this path, and reminding yourself that no one has achieved success without trials and tribulations. 

“I have many mantras that I use in times of stress. This includes knowing the path of business isn’t a straightforward one. If I know there will be challenges ahead, then I can mentally prepare for them. A positive mindset is extremely important, the will to keep going when others would cave under pressure. I’ve had 2 businesses in the past and have been able to draw on the lessons of both the successes and challenges these had provided,” shares Matt. 

As he has gotten older, Matt has not only built success, but his definition of success has also changed. While success might have been more money focused in the past, Matt now views it as not only achieving financial freedom, but also having comfort in who he is as a person and ensuring that he helps others in their own journeys toward achieving their goals. Hence, Matt encourages those who are thinking of starting a business, as well as those entrepreneurs who are going through the journey: 

“If you believe in your idea and you’re ready to commit and take the path – then just do it! Remember, you can’t swim the ocean with 1 foot on the beach. COMMIT! Try and enjoy the journey, you will have challenges, so what? You will have lows and highs, enjoy them in equal measure. Learn as you go along, there’s so much help at the tap of a button. If you have a great idea, go for it!”

Currently, FX Plus Range is flourishing as it is different from any other trading fund out there. With a low capital entry of just 10,000 USD, while most others chase the $1M+, it makes Forex trading more accessible. Furthermore, their customer service is unmatched. Matt makes it a point to never over promise and ensures prospects are fully aware of the risks of Forex trading, even though they help mitigate this by spreading clients’ capital across different strategies. 

This year, Matt will be starting a YouTube channel where he will be interviewing other entrepreneurs that have launched a business during Covid, in hopes of showing people that the pandemic has produced some amazing opportunities, rather than just the doom that we continue to read and see every day. Matt is also putting together a tokenized property business as a way of allowing clients to invest their profits in projects that aren’t on the same high risk scale. 

Make sure to check out FX Plus Range and follow along on Matt’s new projects.