How K.UMEH is Bringing the Sound of a New Generation to the Music Industry that Future has called Tracks of a “Prodigy”

Raised in Sacramento, California, K.UMEH ( Kenny Obinna Umeh ) has quickly taken the music world by storm. Called the Future “prodigy of the music industry,” K.UMEH is a well-respected international artist working between Nigeria, the US, and the UK. He works in hip hop, rap, and pop, and makes it aware that he has written his own music since the beginning of his career. Expressing his new generational sound through his purposeful lyrics and melodies, his work culminated as a catalyst towards revolutionary progression. 

“I have my own sound. I rap, I write purposeful lyrics, and I sing. 

I am a Frequency. My sound is derived from searching to establish a new genre in music itself. My projects are a collaboration of a unique mix of genres. Putting together hip hop, pop, and R&B into one form of art. My first album was a 22-song project speaking about my journey through the universe.” Obinna remarks. 

K.UMEH was raised in the US, and after completing his education, moved back to Nigeria on a promise he made to himself to experience other countries and grow music wise. 

“Growing up in California was an extraordinary learning experience for me, but I also had to go through a great amount of adversity to reach my goals. I have been mistreated by law enforcement illegally on several occasions in an unusual pattern, innocently getting put into the system at a young age. Because of this, my spirit was urging me to experience life outside of the states to gain more freedom for my future,” Obinna says, 

After coming home from Africa, I spent 5 months back in the USA then I decided to move to Europe to pursue more of what life had in store for me. I got the opportunity to perform for various record labels, shake hands with music executives, and accomplish my first international tour. Moving to London alleviated me from negative surroundings. 

I feel like I restarted my soul in Europe,” Obinna remarks. 

His second album, Frequencies 2, explores some of his time in London, England, & Nigeria where he truly grew his platform as an upcoming force in the industry. 

“When I was in the UK, I was always creating value and growing as an international artist. Performed for several record labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, and Created and held my own London Tour. My last 12 song album was based around the understanding of myself through God inside the universe and our new beginnings through AI technology,” Obinna says. 

K.Umeh’s music is able to set him apart in a crowded space, as well as his strong personality. His creative ability allows him to create work in high-pressure situations, meaning he can transform different sounds to bring new elements to the industry.

His self-awareness is important in an industry so focused on image by not letting others define him, he knows his abilities in and out, which translates into his business potential. 

“I am able to create content originally from scratch, having direction on my creativity and ideas, and innovating information that nobody has witnessed on this earth. My writing abilities are useful to the music industry, as I am creating tools to better the world’s mental, spiritual and emotional health through sound,” Obinna says. K.UMEH can be found at his Instagram,Twitter,  as well as his website.