How Claudienne Hibbert-Smith Built a Real Estate Empire with 20 Years of Experience

Today, the world knows Claudienne Hibbert-Smith as a real estate professional in the industry with over 20 years of experience. Her journey to get to the security of running her own business, however, was full of stories and challenges. 

Born in Queens, New York and raised in Miami, Florida, Claudienne struggled through school. At the age of 14, she had her daughter, Amari, and unlike many who saw her experience as one that was set to doom her future, she saw it as an opportunity to reframe her future. 

“Failure was not an option for me. I knew I needed to make a drastic decision and I did! I began to get involved in school activities and changed the friends I was spending my time with. I turned it around and was among the top academic performers and Vice President of my high school graduating class,” Claudienne recalls. 

Claudienne went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and shortly landed a job out of college, transitioning to real estate and partnering with The Keyes Company, and quickly moved up the ranks due to her exemplary sales volume. 

Throughout the last 20 years, Claudienne received various educational and Real Estate Industry credentials to include, but not limited to Chairman’s & Presidential Elite Circle, 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County, 25 Most Influential & Prominent Black Women in Business and Leadership, Top 5 Real Estate Network. In 2019, Claudienne received the Agents’ Choice Award from Miami Agent Magazine for her charitable service.

“Economic success has not deterred me from selflessly giving back. My foundation is rooted in community service and is the primary reason I give back to the community. I tirelessly give time to organize events with my non-profit organization, Claudy Cares Foundation,” Claudienne outlines. 

As a result of her community involvement, Claudienne was honored with the first ever Humanitarian Unsung Hero Award from the Keyes Company, and she continues to be a pillar of her community. Beyond her work in real estate and community service, Claudienne also runs a health and wellness business. 

“Simply put, I literally changed my lifestyle and took control of my health and it has allowed me to feel good inside and out – I am now a National Director in Total Life Changes where I am helping people get their health on the right track and create another stream of income,” Claudienne says. 

Managing so many businesses in a wide breadth of industries does not come easy, so Claudienne makes sure she stays on top of it all by keeping her mindset balanced in everything she does. 

“From a scale from 1-10, the importance of mindset ranks a 10. Mindset is important for yourself, it’s the beginning of all success, or your demise. What you think will manifest, so I try to focus on good things and to always understand the good that I could take from a lesson,” Claudienne says. 

In the coming year, Claudienne has a lot of exciting projects in the works to look forward to. She is looking to create 1,000 new homeowners while beginning her new TV series: Everything Real Estate. On top of it all, she will begin coaching on stages all across the country, focusing on topics such as How to Create a Portfolio of Real Estate and How to Increase your Real Estate Sales. As a result to reach a broader clientele and partners, after 20 years with one real estate company, Claudienne took a risk and recently partnered with EXP Realty. She is focused on elevating the profession of Real Estate and closing the gap of 97% of failing agents in the first 0-3 years. When us Realtors become skillful, we are then able to create more investors and homebuyers. 

“I truly believe in alignment. I believe that when you exercise a certain level of discipline, I believe breakthroughs will begin to occur,” Claudienne says. 

Claudienne can be found at her website and Instagram, and her Real Estate Group can be found online and at their Instagram page.