Entrepreneur Chris Groves Creates the 110% Movement to Help Others Develop a Roadmap to Success & Achieve Their Goals

Chris Groves, CEO of Capital Groves started his motivational speaking tour, The 110% Movement, which took place in New Orleans’ Saints Training Practice Field this past month. The movement has the objective of sharing his story and experience, inspiring others to achieve their goals and helping them create a roadmap to reach their success.

Groves Capital, a mortgage lending company broker and banker. Is a direct lender nationwide, provides fast approvals, offers the best rates, is an outside the box lending platform, and possesses jumbo loans.

His trajectory as the owner and head behind his family business makes Chris a great speaker to share his experience and recommendations on how to start a business with only personal investment and how to face adversities in such a journey.

Chris’ event was particularly an NFL flag summit on how to run a successful operation and how to build a flagship in their community. But it also talked about how to focus both on your family and personal life and business, getting to balance them and still grow your business.

“The focus is to develop a network and vision to help the league operators attain success in their leagues and how to make it work with family dynamics. We also bring together new and seasoned leagues to help them discuss what obstacles they must overcome and where their time attention should be focused on”, commented Chris about the summit.

The event was successful with 325 participants and thanks to the NFL – Saints, who sponsored it. If you could not assist the 110% Movement, here we share with you some of the key points Chris shared with the participants.

The first one is how to own your success and not be stopped by barriers; he also discussed the importance of a positive mindset and how to develop a roadmap to achieve your goals. He talked about how your family can work as a team to accomplish your goals and each one of them will have a role that contributes to the overall success of their business.

As examples of how to create successful models, Chris talked about new platforms such as the NBA, MLB and how the NFL has created youth programs to keep kids off the streets and help them build a foundation that will benefit them now and in the future.

The name is self-indicative on the relevance of the project, but 110% Movement is targeted to people who want to work on their tasks to achieve their goals successfully. To this, Chris shares that “without a positive mind set, it’s hard to accomplish any task. If we put limits on what we can accomplish, we will limit our success. The key is to not put barriers in your own way. A lot of you are new lead operators, looking to start climbing the ladder to success. Developing and committing to action plans is going to be your key to this success.”

But his overcoming and motivational speech is not only that. It is also filled with a purpose to help others. Shooting for the 110% is giving back to your community, helping those who need it the most, and helping people to achieve their goals and dreams, in the short and long term. Through this, he hopes to help others be successful in their own environment, with their own successes and failures. He is living by the 110% movement.